Democrat Hate and Drug-Brained Antics Have Already Begun on RAAI YouTube

The reason why we turn off comments on RAAI is exactly what just happened on YouTube.

Not even half a day since we posted the video on Chairman Mao, did a vile, no-brained leftist prove our point about Democrats reveling in their ignorance of history.

The comment on the History Channel’s Chairman Mao documentary went something like “sideline mao by making him an icon?  The Hitler Channel has stooped to low levels.” 

We will do our best to keep the YouTube Channel clear of ignorance, but we can’t spend our time on it always.  If you see a comment that is useless and based in ignorance, please give it the thumbs down and flag it.  Essentially remember propaganda techniques and if the comment uses nothing more than propaganda techniques with no real substance, please give it the boot.

If it is good criticism that has thought put into it and fact, even if it is against what you believe, please give it the thumbs up.

If we find something while logged into YouTube, we will flag it, delete the comment, and block the user to keep our eyes full of great thoughts, valid critiques, as we keep the ignorant clutter and baseless propaganda in the trash where it belongs.

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