Obama Chooses Greek Socialists over 77,520 Unemployed Americans

Republicans tried to stop the Greek socialist bill that robs America blind.  Obama and the Democrats supported it: Read the story (White House support of Greek Welfare on American’s Slave Labor Backs)

As I figure, with the US share of 17% of the IMF, that puts the American taxpayer on the hook for $6.46 BILLION to pay for lazy-ass, socialist, non-working, early-retiring, heavy-vacationing, loser Greeks who have lived their lives on their own socialist government welfare plantation.  For years, Greece has enacted the far-left socialist vision of Obama and modern Democrats.  And now, here they are – with revolution at their doorstep.  Obama’s answer is to let them suck us dry for their failures?

I never intended on having any socialist slavemaster redistribute my hard-earned wealth and “spread it around”.  Let alone a slavemaster living halfway across the globe!!!

Oh but Greece isn’t alone, they’re just the first.  What this covered-up, stinky fish from worldwide leftist organizations is all about is containing their mess, because if Obama didn’t bailout Greece on the taxpayer dollar, France, Spain, Germany, and then UK would’ve been the next failures.  Search the net for “Spanish bank failures” and “French riots”, you’ll see what economists analyzing EU markets know. 

As the socialist dominoes collapse, we learn the truth that leftists have obscured for so long.  We prove once and for all that the leftist welfare states are unsustainable, unjust, and inhumane.  What would follow?  A worldwide conservative revolution and new Laissez-Faire policies that would push back on the failing leftist worldwide sentiments.  And thus offend and push back on the worldview-religions of secularist state-worshippers who feel that the government is god and entitlements and welfare is righteous.

In order to protect Obama and friends’ leftist worldview religion – rejoice!  He has just extracted $6.46 BILLION of your hard earned dollars.  In private, free market, capitalist hands, that money would have created about 260 new mid-sized businesses valued at an average $25M, which could’ve given 77,520 unemployed Americans new and rewarding jobs.  In our times of high unemployment, don’t you think that the President of the United States should be looking out for his own Countrymen first?

Don’t worry, Obama is approaching this the same way any spoiled-brat reject from the 60s would approach it.  Silver spoon in his mouth, one of the most expensive private secondary schools in the country, living in Hawaii on some of the most expensive real estate as a privileged boy, living out his life in Harvard and as a high-priced lawyer with big patronage and big connections. 

What more would you expect from a man who never lifted his dandy little soft hands for a second of hard labor in his entire life?

Read the story (IMF $38 Billion Bailout Approved)

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