Liberal Victimology: “Hate Crimes” on Gays are only for White Criminals

Justice is blind, and for these victims of violent crime, there was no justice:

Muslims Shoot Gays with BB Guns, No Jail Time, No "Hate" Crime – A Lenient Plea Offered by Prosecution

Of course, even the Democrats at RAAI hate “Hate Crime” laws and view them as an affront to rationality and truly blind justice, but the double standard of liberal victimology cannot be more apparent than it is here.  When one legally privileged minority is involved in a scuffle with another legally privileged minority, justice is no longer blind.

And neither is it blind at the invocation of any “Hate Crime” statute, but rather, the very statutes themselves encourage racial goggles to sanctify the motivations of one aggressor over another.  Quite opposite of MLK Jr.’s colorblind dream.  Quite contrary to the very heart of justice itself.

Have you heard lame Democrat justifications for these laws (sorry JFK Tongue out)?  They say “motivations already impact sentencing, look at 1st degree murder, etc.”  Very pathetic ruse.  The only “motivation” based sentencing statutes do not actually speak to motivations – they speak to Actus Reus, Mens Rea, and Strict Liability, the very elements of criminal law – intent, competency to make rational judgment, and ‘guilty act’.  The victims of an arsonist who hates them from envy of wealth are just as important as a victim burned to death by an arsonist who hated her ex-lover for breaking her heart.

Another ridiculous violation of legal theory used to support “Hate Crime” statutes is: “a person who targets individuals based on identity intimidates and harms all members of that identity, so they must also ‘pay’ for the communal/social/communist/socialist damage”.  Okay, the hypocrisy of that is obvious based on our last example.  What if I have a nice house and am a successful person?  A murderer kills my neighbor based on class-envy.  Do I not feel threatened?  Do I not now have the same kind of fear, identifying myself as a potential “bourgeois” target?  I hate to inform the leftists, but class-based murder, wars, revolutions, and atrocities ranks right up there with racial-based atrocities when you add them up throughout history.

Of course their arguments are specious.  There should be no special victim status awarded to anyone based on identity, for any reason.  The whole of society should look at all criminals in a colorblind manner and stand in solidarity as one people, as one race, as one creed of Countrymen.  The Hate Crime laws elevate certain victims to privileged status, in strict violation of our tenets of “equal” justice, and they cannot be justified by legal theory and rationality.  The legs they stand on are Democrat political mandates and propaganda.

Let the liberals read one of my favorite books, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, and then understand how their modern victim-group hierarchies infect their brains and insure that the US Court system will always be plagued with prejudice.

I love justice.  And justice is ever-fading in an increasingly emotional, morally relative, and subjective society that loves the self more than patience, virtue, and rationality.

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