Obama’s Elena Kagan: Don’t Believe the Hype (Nix Lesbian Status, Nix SG Records, Nix “anti-military” slurs)

There is something much bigger under the surface of Elena Kagan.  A number of RAAI authors are in counsel and methodically dissecting liberal, conservative, and hard/academic references regarding her judgment and dispositions.

A common thread as always with leftist and right-wing sources – propaganda.  The “lesbian” hearsay was manufactured to throw seriously inquiring minds off the tracks.  How stupid does the liberal media think we are?  Pictures of softball.  I knew something was up when I caught wind of that.

Forget about it.  First of all, it doesn’t matter.  An achieved intellectual’s position on gay marriage is not necessarily tied to their sexual preference.  Sir Elton John does not support Gay Marriage, but like many conservatives, the gay Elton John favors Civil Unions.

Neither should the debate be focused on her inferred predispositions on singular issues.  Justices of the SCOTUS have far reaching duties with far greater impacts on our daily lives than one issue, like abortion or gay marriage.

We are looking for her worldviews, we are looking for her ideologies, we are looking for her religion (even if it is a self-made religion of Elena Kagan hiding as ‘agnosticism’ or ‘atheism’), and most importantly we are looking for her commitment to the US Constitution and our founding father’s intent.

We have so much information it is unwieldy and we will be posting it soon.

One particular line of misinformation that is EVERYWHERE is analysis of her records as Solicitor General.  These cases cannot be analyzed to determine her thoughts and worldviews.  Her duty as SG is to always represent the position of the government, whether she believes in it or not. 

Liberals are using this misinformation to convince independents that Elena Kagan is a moderate because she “argued” what seems to be a few conservative points as SG.  This is utter nonsense.  She was just doing her duty, and did not have a choice.  Elena Kagan is a very, very left-winged, and brilliant woman who has wanted this job her entire life – even sacrificing creativity and innovation and passion to make herself Tabula Rasa (blank slate) in the eyes of scrutiny.

But the trail is there, and we are uncovering it.  Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, if a conservative says that Kagan is “anti-military”, tell them that they are WAY OFF.  The military recruiting incident is complex and long, and does not speak to her ideology regarding martial affairs.

We are beginning with her history, her family, her college thesis, her op-eds and writings and we are uncovering the rotten stinky fish that has inspired the Obama machine to whitewash Kagan’s thesis from the internet, and also an Obama directive to deny journalists access to Kagan’s family.

When authoritarians invent distractions, ALWAYS look to what they are hiding in the background.  They simply can’t get away from astute detectives.  The key to Kagan is the censored and covered-up information: her thesis, op-eds, and family.  Ignore all information from coworkers, friends, and colleagues who only knew her in academic or professional settings, or who could be friends with her and hoping to get a lifetime-hookup to power by having a close friend on the SCOTUS. 

All of her friends have something to gain and fear by helping her cover up any damaging info, and by propping her up.  If a detractor comes out with some dirt – decide whether it is vindictive or sincere and there may be some helpful hearsay.  The rest is useless.

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