Regressive or Progressive? Evolution or Devolution? Case-in-point: Sexualized 8-year-old girls

Proponents have called this “evolution” of dance and compare it to “evolution” of music such as Elvis Presley.  We’ll get back to that, first let’s roll tape.

ABC puts up a straw man with weak arguments to demonstrate weak conservative criticism and simple-minded liberal support from the girls own parents.  Try to take it with a grain of salt:


It has nothing to do with “how many people see the video”.  It has to do with your individual child and her stature, self-image, and aspirations that you nurture as the parent. 

It has nothing to do with “the kids doing what they love to do”.  An 8-year-old child will love to imitate any “hero” that you, the teachers, and the other adults put in front of them.  It doesn’t have to be Beyonce or other promiscuously dancing commercial opportunists.

It has nothing to do with “isolating your child from pop culture”.  Cowards.  Fools.  Act like authorities.  Act like you birthed these children yourself.  You as the parents, teachers, and community make the choice as to what pop culture is for your child up through 8th grade.

The girls skimpy costumes have nothing to do with “freedom of movement”.  We will look at legendary dancers who are completely clothed and annihilate Beyonce’s historically weak talent.

It has nothing to do with bathing suits versus dance costumes.  Dancers are making expressions with their body movements.  Pool-goers are ALL in bathing suits and the activities are not spectacles of expression and art.  The pool-goers’ attire is a matter of simple utility as they lay in the sun or putz around in the water – not a component of their body-motion-expression spectacle for the audience.


When we consciously act like what we want to be, eventually we become it.  The trouble with such young children is that they do not know what they want to be.  Everything you make them do, every option you feed to them will define what their actions are, and they will become what you have fed them.

Liberals have become anti-feminists because they now inspire young girls to objectify themselves as sexually charged monkeys, instead of graceful and beautiful marvels to behold. 

They indoctrinate young women to capitalize on monkey-like lust rituals that ironically is a massive regression to ancient historical, tribal cultures, instead of the “progress” or “evolution” that they incorrectly invoke.  Ignorant of history, they cannot even see back far enough to realize what the art of dance used to be, and what it truly evolved into during the apex of ballet.  The sexual revolution of the baby boomers in the 60s has poisoned the art, and made it regress – not evolve.

Oh how short our non-historical minds can be.  Liberals accuse conservatives of regression.  What could be more regressive than rewinding our dance culture by 4,000 – 6,000 years?

Of course, it is art, so you can be the judge as to whether or not Beyonce and Britney Spears flopping their boobs around like tribal monkeys and spanking their asses that jut out from their Amazon loin cloths, is more talented than the greats of ballet, who require absolute graceful control over every single muscle in their body for artistic expressions that transform the woman into a being of light; a graceful marvel to respect, behold, pursue, and prize:

From a purely technical standpoint, those who support Beyonce and Britney have no leg to stand on.  The performers in ballet are 1 in a million, and the hardest working artists in dance, putting pop dancers to abject shame.  Pop dancers are a dime a dozen and the ones who actually make it are just the ones who had connections and got lucky to earn the patronage of rich backers in the modern music industry monarchy.  Just like pop musicians.  If someone put a few million dollars in your pocket, I bet you could look like that too and have the luxury of working out a few hours a day.  Ballet dancers are more like 12 hours a day for their activities, and dieting, and studying, and thinking.

Either way, it is a testament to the irony of liberals thinking that they have made “progress” with our culture since the 60s.  The truth is that they have done the opposite and turned the wheel back in time.  The truth is that conservative feminists like myself are the new vanguard of women’s rights.

Quite sincerely, the hip hop, pop, and sexualized dancing women turn me off.  Sexy and elegant clothes are one thing – we should be proud of our bodies.  But behavior and posture is what defines us.  As a good man, I wish to stand next to a beautiful, graceful, confident, strong, powerful, nurturing, loyal, self-respecting being of feminine might.  I do not wish to stand next to a pagan-ritual dancing, genital-worshipping, fake feminist who thinks that using their sexuality to prop up their eroded confidence means that they are a “strong” woman.

Can we not see that teaching young women to objectify themselves in the sick baby-boomer liberal culture of sexualization is the thing that contributes to the foundation of that eroded confidence and poor subliminal self-image?  Let’s not even get to divorce and father abandonment too – another thing born of the self-serving, genital-worshipping, culture of sex-power-control-consumption that is the “free love” dogma of liberals and the sexual revolution.

A more tragic display of female subjugation to horrible men in a free country, I can’t imagine.  What have we done to ourselves?  What do we choose to do to our children?  Is this evolution?  Is this progress? 

The world seems upside down to me.  Why don’t we demand a reorientation by speaking these truths to our families and communities?

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