Comedy Zo: “Mmmm sucka!!!” SNL, Bill Maher & Comedy Central = Not Funny

This weekend I realized the basis of why I don’t like SNL & Comedy Central (Jon Stewart and Stevie Colbert <- to be pronounced with effeminate Frenchie accent).

At first, a friend agreed with me, and then said, “but wait, we like Zo and Steven Crowder and Glenn Beck’s antics”.  Could we be ideologues like so many other folks?

It didn’t make sense.  We both liked South Park, black comedy like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and Chappell, and a whole lot of comedy movies from Hollywood that are totally left-leaning and exclusively produced and manufactured by liberal democrats. 

Of course we couldn’t be ideologues.  Not a single author admitted to RAAI can have an unproductive debate on the facts with the most passionate opponents.  RAAI folks hold their ground because they hunger for information, truth, justice, and objectivity – and while no human being can perfectly attain the ideals of those qualities, those who hunger for them and actively seek them will always be better than those who don’t.

Unfortunately, I caught yet another clip of SNL with Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation.  Something good came out of it this time though.  I figured out what the difference was, and here is the answer:

SNL, Comedy Central were exactly like a pilot that Fox News Channel tried out a few years back, called “The half-hour news hour”.  I wasn’t big on it.  After a while it annoyed me.  Sure the punch lines were conservative, but it was just 30 minutes of snarky sarcasm.  That kind of haughty elitism might tickle the bones of liberals, but it actually annoys conservatives.  That’s why “The half-hour news hour” failed. 

That’s why I don’t like the full-speed-ahead snarky liberal comedy peppered with substance.  You know the liberal comics are trying to create opinion and spread ideology, and a Pew poll even showed that idiots trust Jon Stewart for “news”.  Trust?  A pure propaganda outfit?  Comedy slightly peppered with information that gets you to think a certain way?

By contrast, Zo, Crowder, and Beck don’t try and hide their platform – you know exactly where they’re coming from.  They’re news editorialists who pepper their information with comedy, not the other way around.  Usually in a Crowder or Zo presentation it’s about 90% information, analysis, and opinion (not sneaky-hidden opinion, straight up ‘here’s what I think’), and then 10% snarky comedy antics.  Take the latest Zo (I was rolling on the ground with the “mmmmmm Sucka line”):

Then see Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg annihilate Jon Stewart’s entire game:

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