Obama’s Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Nominee: A Vivid Story Part 1 – Who She Is & The Cover-up

The story of Elena Kagan can end in two ways: if confirmed, she will crush our first amendment rights sometime in the next 30 years.  If we value free speech, free religion, free press, protesting, and petitioning the government without fear of intimidation – Ms. Kagan will be our grim reaper. 

The other end to the vivid story of Kagan is happier for proponents of freedom – it will be the story of an evolutionary socialist, indoctrinated from childhood, and scuttled to the apex of world power, only to have been uncovered at the 11th hour, and then forced to work her socialist goals from lesser positions of authority for the rest of her life.

Where do we begin?  How can we unravel this queen on the chessboard of Obama’s game of “the fundamental transformation of America”?

Let’s start with who she is and the cover-up. 

An immensely disturbing series of events surrounding Obama and Elena Kagan began…in Spring of 2009!

That’s right!  To those who have just begun investigating this woman, you’re already over a year late, as the Presidential whitewashing machine has already had more than a year to cover-up and bury the truth about Elena Kagan.

Lucky for us, some things are impossible to bury – such as published works.

This is the second time that Kagan has been considered as a Supreme Court nominee. Last spring, she was one of four potential candidates whom Obama interviewed for David Souter’s seat, along with Sotomayor, Wood and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.  As we all know, Obama chose the “wise latina woman”, Sotomayor, who by gender and racial birthright thinks that she is better at judgment than white males (her own words).

But Elena Kagan was always an interesting prospect for very important reasons to Obama.  Can we understand these reasons? 

Let’s start with her professional and educational background:

1981 – Earns A.B. in History from Princeton.  Editorial Chairman of Princetonian (age 21)

1981 – 1983: Masters of Philosophy, Oxford (age 23)

1983 – 1986: Law degree earned from Harvard, Supervising Editor of Harvard Law Review (age 26)

1986 – 1987: Clerk for DC Circuit (Judge Abner Mikva) (age 27)

1989 – 1991: Associate for DC Law firm, Williams & Connolly (age 31)

1991 – 1995: University of Chicago Law Professor (age 35)

1995 – 1999: Associate White House Counsel for Bill Clinton, pivotally shaping Clinton’s Domestic Policy (crime, education, public/socialist healthcare) (age 39)

2003 – 2009: Dean of Harvard Law School (age 49)

2009 – Present: US Solicitor General (age 50)

Law Libraries say that she lived in in Stuyvesant Town (the East side), but in her own editorial from 1980, she claims to have “grown up on the West side”.  Why would she deceive via half-truths about such a thing?

Understand that Kagan’s family were true believers in the evolutionary/constructive socialist dogma.  Elena Kagan’s father, Robert, viewed himself as a ‘champion’ of the West side class warfare struggle, in which he was a self-aggrandizing hero of the downtrodden.  Unfortunately the real story is a bit more sinister.  His law firm pushed and pushed to get ‘the most crime-ridden building’ in the West side vacated, forcibly. 

When the city gave in, and forced everyone out – including the folks who wanted to stay – Robert Kagan’s law practice swooped in and capitalized on over 300 tenants, ‘fighting for their rights’.

This is a typical socialist ploy of finding an existing problem, exacerbating it, and then coming to the rescue with even grander social engineering, and then walking away with big connections, big fame, and big bags of money.  Surely, you don’t think that Kagan just landed in Princeton as a gal out of Stuyvesant town? 

Well it gets even worse. 

How would you feel about proclaiming to be a champion of the downtrodden if you started your living for your Jewish family by crushing African Americans under your feet? 

Stuyvesant Town was a socialist program meant to remake society from the influx of war veterans, to shape their living as they came back, to draw racial and community lines in the sand.  It was financed by insurance companies and savings banks, not the government (kind of).  The government gave it 25 years of tax-exemptions, invoked eminent domain to force property owners out of the way, and yes, ALLOWED IT TO DISCRIMINATE BASED ON RACE.  For Stuyvesant Town, enter Jews, exit blacks.  MetLife (insurance) president Frederick H. Ecker, lord of Stuyvesant Town said, ‘Negroes and whites do not mix’.

Enter Elena Kagan’s father and mother. 

If your ‘government handout’ after WW2 was actually a socialist handout from savings banks and insurance companies, in corporate-financed project housing, tell me, when you take up the banner of ‘equal rights’ in a fight for real victims in the West side, how is your tenure in Stuyvesant Town going to look on the record?

Of course, whitewashing Elena Kagan’s childhood in Stuyvesant Town is critical.  It’s harder to explain this history than it is to bury it.  Authoritarians do not want to tell the truth – they want to shape the narrative as they see fit, to create the myth of themselves in its most desirable form.

And what’s more, Kagan can get away with this half-truth-based deception very easily.  Her family later moved to the West side, on West End Avenue.

What of Elena’s relationship to her activist father?  Sarah Walzer, Elena’s law school housemate says: “Every morning, her father Robert would take her to elementary school on the other side of Central Park and read The New York Times to her along the way.  That was a powerful memory of her father and the way he cultivated her interest in…public affairs.  Her father was her hero.”

Of course, Elena did follow in her daddy’s legal footsteps, and held these ambitions from the time she was a little girl.  She was pictured in high school with robes and a gavel as her formal pictures.  Talk about guiding your entire life towards power and the supreme court, huh?

Elena’s activist father was up to much more than that though, inspiring his son, Marc Kagan to become involved in “radical” causes, as a Transport Worker’s Union negotiator.  To those who don’t know the history of socialism/Marxism/Communism/Radicals/Progressives, well, they rename themselves every few years, so it is tough to get through the weeds.  Essentially, “radical” is just another code word for socialist.  In Elena Kagan’s own thesis paper, she uses the words “radical” and “socialist” interchangeably numerous times.

Marc Kagan was noted as recently as 2000, to have preferred the hierarchically organized command structure to the revolutionary/grassroots model of socialist organization within “New Directions” union thug organization. 

This is perfectly in line with his upbringing, in a family whose faith is based on a the Evolutionary/Constructive/Gramsci/Gradualist/Gorbachev/Conservative Socialism as opposed to the radical/revolutionary/Marxist/Leninist/Communist/Leftist Socialism:

"Toussaint, [Ed] Watt, [Marc] Kagan and their supporters replaced the radical democratic vision that had been promoted by ND with a hierarchical, at times explicitly military, model of organization," he continued. "In this model, all decision-making authority lay in Toussaint’s hands. At rallies, Toussaint was referred to as ‘our general’ and Kagan exhorted critics within ND to be ‘good soldiers’ and follow his leadership."

The leaders of Marc’s union were said to have had a split from the “Communist Party” towards conservative leadership.  Again, always hiding behind code-words.  In socialist language, “conservative”, is not anything like you might imagine.  They’re all socialists, and all want to impose Karl Marx’s utopia upon the world.  They just disagree about how to do it.  A “conservative” socialist is simply one that follows the ‘evolutionary’ or ‘Gramsci’ strategy of the gradual herding of people.  The “leftist” or “communist” socialist believes in sudden, drastic change – revolution.

What was Elena Kagan’s relationship to her “radical/socialist” brother Marc?  Let’s look at her own thesis acknowledgments to find out.  Elena says:

“Finally, I would like to thank my brother Marc, whose involvement in radical causes led me to explore the history of American radicalism in the hope of clarifying my own political ideas.”

In conclusion of Part 1, are we beginning to understand why Obama is blocking journalists from speaking to Elena Kagan’s family?  In addition, the press was approved to sit in on Kagan’s brother’s lecture (Irving teaches constitutional law), but then Obama stepped in and blocked that too.

We also have Obama and Princeton University blocking online postings of Elena Kagan’s thesis on why the American socialists “failed” in the early 20th century.  Shouldn’t universities appreciate the spread of information to zealous minds?  To profess information is the goal is it not?  Of course it is not anymore.  This is about power and control of the masses, and control of information is tantamount.

Then we have Elena Kagan’s cousin, Gail Katz-James.  This hidden act of Obama Administration became more evident when initially Katz-James talked freely to the press, saying: “Elena Kagan’s Family just really enjoyed debating and discussing everything.”  When the news was published, he declined to make any further statements and said that he was not able to talk anymore.

Now that you know the history of the Kagan’s, their dirty dealings in the slums of NYC hidden by a happy “hero” face, and their passion for constructavist socialism, do you understand why Obama did not choose her over Sotomayor as a first pick, and has spent a good amount of the last year whitewashing her history?  Do you understand why Obama is now blocking the press from accessing the family?

It will be interesting to see if her family “re-emerges” sometime this summer, after having been “coached” by Obama’s administration.

In Part 2, we will look at Kagan’s views – in her own words, from her own publications – irrefutable, in black and white!

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