Muslims Create “Everyone Draw the Holocaust Day”

If ever there was a demonstration of misplaced moral equivalence, here it is!  And to many fuzzy-minded liberals who prefer moral relativism over universal truth, allow me to explain:

In rational analysis, a moral equivalent to the “draw Mohammed day” would have been a blaspheming art demonstration against non-Muslims.  Not a depiction of genocide.  Muslim racism much?

Or you could look at it from the Muslim side and imagine that Non-Muslims recommended a “Draw Vlad the Impaler Day” with the invading Muslim hordes skewered through the torso. 

Understand how sick that is, in perspective – to put our modern Western society up against what Muslims are doing today?  Understand how specious the argument is that “it’s not all Muslims that are radicalized”.  If there was a significant minority in our society that glamorized genocide of Muslims we wouldn’t be saying “Oh, it’s okay, not all Americans revel in historical depictions of genocide.  And by the way, don’t call them ‘Radical Americans’, that is racist.  They’re just ‘freedom fighters’ like many liberals called Islamic terrorists starting in 2001.”

Obama won’t even draw a distinction between Radical Islam and nominal Islam.  He refuses to use the phrase Radical Islam or anything analogous.  He won’t give Muslims a way to divide and root out the radicals for themselves.

Intellect?  Ascending or descending?  7th century is back in style!

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