Left Wing Racism Myths: Japanese of WW2

When Democrat revisionist history makes it into the mainstream, we’ve got problems.

Hilary Clinton’s emissary to Beijing, Posner, said in 2005 that “Muslims in the USA after 911 were treated just like Japanese Americans in WW2 internment camps.”

Oh boy, where do we start?  First of all, I’ve heard no one correct the record and say, “hey, your Democrat god of welfare, big government, entitlement programming, and progressivism (FDR) is the one who made those wartime policies”

Secondly, the reason why you always hear “Japanese Americans” is that it fits the Democrat religion of identity politics, race baiting, and victimology voting.  It is a fact that German and Italian WHITES were also sent to internment camps, and treated the same way.

It is also a fact that this wartime strategy did not have to do with racism.  Native Americans, blacks, and other minorities were not sent to internment camps.  Only Germans, Italians, and Japanese who were perceived to be a threat to the industries of war and suspect for espionage were sent.  This is not to justify the discriminatory practice, but to blow up the concept that it was driven by racism.

It is also a fact that much worse things were done by other countries and that any notion that America was worse than anyone else at the time requires application of Presentism.

As for Hilary Clinton’s crew, not even worth addressing her one-world, hate-America-transform-it, global-citizen, liberal religious fervor that puts ideological blinders on their faces which even impede intellectual integrity of historical knowledge.

Of course, if the Obamites would like to show me all of the massive Muslim internment camps and families sleeping on cots in them and fenced in by the droves, please do, prove this revisionist history of the socialist inspiration correct.  Better yet, just show me a sign for Muslims that looks like the WW2 Japanese one above.

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