California Responds to Statewide Bankruptcy with Gifts to Illegal Immigrants

And why is anyone surprised?  You assume that you are arguing with people who share your values.  When you simply look at it from the liberal Democrat religion, every argument you make falls on deaf ears.  They do not want borders.  They view themselves as world-citizens, not USA citizens.  They apologize for US History instead of embracing it.  And so when your faith encourages you to think globally – that illegal immigrant is just as deserving of Robin Hood socialist handouts as a US citizen.

“But they’re private donations”.  Yes, and every dollar we dump into the education system allows them to keep their prices sky high, and forces the students who actually have to work for a living to pay even more.  When will anyone bring honesty to the skyrocketing college tuition price debate?  It started in the late 60s and we’ve only made it worse with our “benevolence” of forced “charity”, access to loans, and government handouts. 

Make every student work for their own tuition, no loans, no handouts, no family funding – apprenticeship.  You will see all the little parasitic drunkards and genital worshippers drop like flies and go where they belong – in labor jobs instead of intellectual jobs.  Whether they came from rich or poor backgrounds, only the ones who will work for their place will make it, and they will be the best leaders and best our society has to offer. 

This also requires a view of education for what it is – training.  Nothing more.  Expenditure of human labor and resources on the building up of Potential Energy from a business process view.  Our training activities have surpassed our producing activities a long time ago.  But nowhere does California mention – we can only produce our way out of this economic downturn.  The “progressive” Democrats just implement more of the same.

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