Obama Refuses to Meet with Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer

In his latest, “I am a spoiled brat, private-schooled, ivory-college-educated fancy boy” action, Obama has refused to meet with Jan Brewer.  This is not leadership.  This is child’s play.  I can liken this to business leadership, very easily.

Will I meet with a competitor?  Probably not too often.  It’s like USA having direct talks with Iran and N Korea.

If I am the CEO and I have a department that is having morale issues and operational effects that conflict with my company’s overall mission – do I stonewall the directors and VP of that department?  I’ve seen executives use this tactic.  They’re idiots.  They’re little babies in adult bodies, taking pride in “pissing matches” rather than swallowing their pride and doing whatever is required for the health of the company and the mission.

Some of my biggest critics know: I will not back down.  I will not turn anyone away.  I will engage you honestly.  I will tell you what I think. 

This is leadership.

The US Government is the biggest corporation on the planet and it is a travesty to see the most powerful CEO in the world stonewalling one of his VPs.  If I were in Obama’s shoes, Jan Brewer is the first person that I would want to spend lots of time with for reconciliation and compromise.

But Obama is not a leader, he is an authoritarian who has possessed the illusion of power and leadership through the vastly corrupted US legal system for his entire life.

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