The Political Spectrum – Where are RAAI Authors? The Bill Clinton Economy is a Lie.

Please first synthesize our previous post: The Political Spectrum – Where are You? What Drives Your Own Opinions?

All RAAI authors are located somewhere in the center – in the “Aristotelian or Machiavellian ‘Model’ Republic” portion of the 2D chart.  A few of us lean slightly Temporal on the z-axis.  Most of us lean Perpetual on the z-axis.  Two of us are extremely Perpetual on the z-axis and live like ascetic monks.  They are the most wise, capable, and intellectually powerful among us.  Basic logic – the more time you spend in strife, struggle, and accomplishment, the more capable you become.

We are all disillusioned with the US, EU, and Asian governments from the 90s to today (and some even further back in time).  The politicians are so far from any semblance of a Model Republic that we have been building chaos for decades – a powder keg ready to explode.

Idiots in the USA still give Bill Clinton credit for the economic boom created by the tech revolution (Intel, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, Verizon, Cell Phones, etc.).  They should be hating on the Clintons for squashing the biggest technology revolution since the railroads, automobiles, and oil.  Thanks to Clinton’s policies, that boom lasted shorter than any other tech boom in history.  Corporations were allowed to “globalize” at a rapid pace and bring our prosperity to foreign nations in return for short-term gains.  Government got rich and expanded.  Big business got rich and expanded.  The middle class was left behind.  Thanks to Clinton.  A squandered technology boom – but idiots still give him credit for a “good economy”. 

Ask them to point to what specifically Clinton did.  The only thing they can come up with is not what Clinton did, but rather, Newt Gingrich’s and the Republicans welfare reform and spending cuts which balanced the budget.  This was a minor government-based impact which was dwarfed by the global revenues from all of the tech companies that brought us into the computer age in less than a decade.

Instead of thanking genius engineers, math-brains, and technicians – the ignorant public thanks Bill Clinton.

And we wonder why we are far from a Model Republic?

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