Facebook Socialist Harvard Leaders: “Moral equivalence? What’s a moral anyway! Terrorists can stay, free-speech advocates must go!”

Story summary: a bunch of free-speech advocates who think that it is ridiculous for Western free societies to give favoritism towards any religion or creed, declared an “everyone draw mohammed day”.  While people can put christian crosses in jars of urine and animal dung on statues of virgin mary, somehow, Muslims have yet to embrace the concepts of freedom in the West.  Liberal Democrats help them in their isolationist affront to freedom and tolerance with authoritarian imposition (because they want their votes, as yet another constituency of self-victimization).

Enter the Harvard liberal democrat socialists who created Facebook.  More of the same. (Read the original story)

Today they crushed the “everyone draw mohammed day” page, in subservient dhimmitude towards Radical Islam.  Yet numerous pages of Muslim calls for Jewish genocide remain untouched:


I swear, a day in the Democrat party for a person with rationality must be like a day of pure insanity.  I’m thinking mental asylum here.  Dear fellow liberal Americans, your mental modes do emit great interference patterns.

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