New Song Tops the Charts, “Remember, remember oh Muslims! The army of Jesus will return!” (Israeli blockade, IHH, Gaza)

Muslim-Flotilla Jews blockade Gaza.  Turkey-based terror supporters indicate that they will run the blockade.  They sing murder-jew songs before their act of aggression.  When Israeli commandos storm the boats to seize control and stop the aggressor Muslim ships, people immediately start maiming the peaceful troops with bats, knifes, and objects.  The Muslims begin tweeting “woe is me” martyr lies as part of their propaganda effort.  A Muslim steals a gun from a commando.  Live fire ensues.  10 Muslims dead.  7 Israeli soldiers wounded.

My question: there were 700 Muslim terror supporters in the flotilla.  Supposedly “peaceful” and “unarmed”.  How is it that commandos, with the most lethal weaponry available managed to take 7 casualties against a “peaceful” crowd?  It’s because the only savages on that day, as usual, were the Muslims.

Let’s flip this around for a second and imagine that a large population of Christians in Iran were bombing Muslims indiscriminately from time to time.  Now a Christian boat of “charitable aid” says “we will run your Iranian blockade whether you like it or not”.  Prior to the violation of Iran’s sovereignty, the Christians are singing “Remember, remember, oh Muslims!  The army of Jesus will return!”.

Exactly.  As much as many left-wing bigots enjoy baseless demagoguery of Christians, you simply can’t get away with such specious juxtapositions.  It’s like the Arab world is still living in the 7th century.  And these are not isolated individuals.  The governments of Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon have taken sides with the Muslim aggressors.

I have a directive for the Democrats and worldwide left-wing and socialist enterprise: shut your ignorant mouths and put your actions where your words are, you hypocritical pigs.  You want to talk about who is right and who is wrong?  Prove your ideology.  I want you to walk across the border of Iran.  I want you to walk across the border of North Korea.  I want you to walk across the border of China.  I want you to walk across the border of Pakistan.  I want you to buy a boat and run through a port in Venezuela with their communist Chavez regime.

What, you won’t do this?  But there are so many people who need your help in those countries!  What?  You respect their sovereignty?  What?  You don’t have the guts to die like these terror supporters do with their “two happy endings”?  Then stop acting like do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do preachers.

I will not tolerate the leftist bleeding heart, half-truth-supported deceptions on this day.  Israel responded nobly and appropriately to these terror-supporting, jew-hating, holocaust-invoking aggressors.

I particularly like how the treacherous Muslim dogs sing death-to-Jews battle cries and communicate “readiness to incite violence” to their friends, while at the same time tweeting deceptive propaganda about “atrocities” of the Israeli commandos.

I wonder if one of the dead Muslims who grabbed a gun away from the commando to inspire live fire, is the same Muslim that said “we’re ready to accept two happy endings today” prior to the flotilla’s attempt at running the military blockade.

Now, I know in Islam, it is dogma that lying is okay so long as you are deceiving an infidel and not a fellow Muslim, but apparently these terrorist supporters are so incredibly stupid that they don’t realize their private mouth-flapping of jihad would be uncovered almost immediately and show what liars they are when compared to their public “tweets” of false martyrdom.

Three Articles:

Gaza jihad flotilla participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking Muhammad’s massacre of Jews

Condemnation of Israel for Defending Itself

Jihad Flotilla’s Propaganda Tweets

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