Funny Satire-Song about anti-Jew, Gaza “Activists”

I had a digital communiqué with Plato about his clever piece: “New Song Tops the Charts, “Remember, remember oh Muslims! The army of Jesus will return!” (Israeli blockade, IHH, Gaza)

What is most amazing about Plato’s piece was his prescience.  He wrote it with basic evidence of the intent of the IHH, historical knowledge, and logic.  This was before the videos of the IHH assaulting the Israeli soldiers came out.  Now RAAI has tons of footage from the coalition of leftist-liberal-progressive-socialist-terrorist-Radical Islam and footage from the other side.

Guess which side has hard evidence of aggression (substance, not commentary), and which side has a bunch of propagandists running their mouths with no evidence?

Well, that’s for later.  For now, this satire pretty much sums it up:

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