No RAAI Coverage of the Oil Spill? We have our reasons. Remember Hurricane Katrina?

We care very much about this economic and ecological catastrophe.  Like many other deep topics, we are holding out on this, mainly because there is not enough evidence yet to make decisions.

The only criticism we have of those in power right now: concern yourselves with the engineering solution 100%.  Even if you divert 2% to 10% of your efforts on politicking and finger pointing – it is too much.  Turn the other cheek and get your stupid asses to work in fixing the crisis.  And that goes for opportunist right-wingers too.  Don’t put the Democrats in the position of defense over this spill – everyone needs to be engineering and not bickering right now.

Unlike when the Democrats baselessly attacked Bush for Katrina, no one here attacks Obama for his lackluster actions on the Oil Spill.  So he is all talk and no results, and no real action.  What do you expect?  We expected lackluster action with lots of impressive mouth-flapping.

Just like in Katrina, no organization is capable of handling such a large crisis.  FEMA has been an epic failure since Jimmy Carter created it, with numerous blunders like Katrina.  Do you expect anything more right now?

The utter disillusionment that committed liberals are experiencing right now originates from a false faith in government and social engineering.  Your expectations are too high my fellow countrypersons.  Catastrophes of epic proportion require epic heroes on a local level, hordes of them.  It requires a resilient population that is self-sufficient, self-determined, and capable of fending for themselves.  It requires survivors and not dependent-minded parasites.  And even then, there will still be suffering and pain. 

There is some shady business surrounding the BP rig that blew.  Government included.  We anticipate a complete whitewash, but mark our words – in time we expect to uncover a typical origin: the immorality of a few people with power in the government and the immorality of a few people with power in big business.

In the short term, we expect the lies to come out as thus: “this is just an engineering disaster.  No corrupt government officials were involved.  Even though there are literally thousands of oil rigs in the gulf that have never blown, somehow we should stop drilling because as you can see, one mistake causes all of this.  It’s all BP’s fault, but more importantly, this is why you should give the government more taxes and a mandate for seizure of the energy industry through Cap and Trade, EPA policies, or ‘energy’ bills.”

Such marriages of politics and big business are almost a given for these types of calamities.  Look at how the city of New Orleans blew millions over the years feeding the parasitic socialist dogma – creating dependents and subsidized votes.  Had the immoral politicians and government authorities told the parasites “get a damn job, we’re spending this money to fix the levies”, a great portion of that disaster would have been averted.  Bush was not party to that immorality or what happened with Katrina.  Neither is Obama party to the origin of the BP Oil Spill.

Obama’s job is to commission a Root Cause Analysis and enforce Risk Mitigation policies to increase the probability that this won’t happen again.  Unfortunately, the more politics we invoke, the harder it is for Obama to do that job, because it inspires dishonesty in the RCA (much like parts of the 911 Commission).

This is why RAAI is silent on the Oil Spill.  We feel that our silence is helpful towards the best solution.  We wish that other citizens would follow our lead.  Speak only to the scientific and engineering solution now, not to blame and contempt.  Constructive politics would be helpful during RCA and RM activities.

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