Pictures of Obama as Head of Communist Party!!!!!

As if we needed more evidence of Obama’s pushing the Country to socialism.  Well, he WAS a head figure in a COMMUNIST political party circa 1995, whose goal was to “fundamentally transform” the Democrat party to a communist party (maoist and eventually Marxism).  Oh, you readers of RAAI are definitely educated on the difference between evolutionary socialist and revolutionary socialists by now, so take note – all of Obama’s friends, colleagues, power players, including Obama himself – evolutionary socialists.  They pray for Marxist utopia today, but realize they will have to destroy our freedoms slowly to get us there.  Should we point to Frank Marshall Davis?  Or Obama’s Little Red Church he attended as a child?  Or how about his “Liberation Theology” fed to him for 20 years of his life, in the pews of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church?  Should we point to all of the communist sympathizers Obama has surrounded himself with in his administration?  Ones who praise Mao Zedong. Marx, Lenin, Saul Alinsky, et. al.?  Or how about we look at everything combined, and Obama’s own words and actions which favor “collective punishment” “collective justice” “pre-emption over court-focus” “redistribution of wealth” “entitlements” “central planning” “progressivism” and “collectivism”.

Why advertise this article?  A few Democrat women that I know actually laughed in my face when I told them that Obama is a socialist.  As usual, I get the last laugh – I do not hate the stench of ignorance in these arrogant women, I pity it, and am saddened by it.  It is this ignorance that allows fools to be manipulated at the hands of tyrants.  The fools care more about their ideology as it is married to their ego and “sense of self” than they care about keeping an open mind to discover the truth.

In truth, Obama is a progressive, a far-left, low on the vertical axis, towards authoritarian, and Jacobin.  He demands ideological purity from his leftist appointees, and they make a pretense of any centrist leanings while their actions put socialist policy into motion.

Observe, in black-and-white, newspaper photos, and public records of “The New Party”, my last laugh to all of those fools and liars who believe that Obama is not a socialist:

Read the story: "The New Party"

Get to know the Political Spectrum!!!  See the world of political ideology in 3D, as RAAI authors do!  Party

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