Die, Die, Burned Alive, Muslims Rip Each Others Throats Out: Leftist Power Hordes Applaud the Depopulation…or Do Nothing Useful as Usual

While hippie morons burn up resources running their mouths across the globe, real action, real justice, real sacrifice is needed in Kyrgyzstan.  A country that is still leftist, still socialist, still begging Mother Russia for help, as women and children and elderly men are shot and burned alive in the Sunni Muslim ethnic bloodbath, Mother Russia says: “Ve shall send our reinforcements to protect our military base.  You?  You can die in the streets, like the animals that you are.  A few thousand less religious people to deal with.”

Of course Kyrgyzstan will not ask the US and Western forces for help.  They are still prideful socialists and will not suffer such a blow to their pride.

Oh, left, oh Democrats, oh socialists, how civil is your little hippie dream, is it not?  Why don’t you go on another mission over seas, running your mouth, vacationing, enjoying alcohol and night clubs, when the Uzbeks and Kyrgyz need you to put a gun or scalpel in your hand instead, and make real sacrifice for your beloved fellow world citizens?

And the leader is self-exiled in Belarus?  Reminds me of Napoleon.  Amazing how authoritarians always end up cowering in fear when their people need them the most.  And this is no joke.  This is outright evil, and outright enraging to imagine such injustice and bloodshed over ethnic disputes amongst socialist, authoritarian-herded Muslims.

For almost 20 years since the collapse of the USSR, Kyrgyzstan has struggled with how to teach former leftist-socialists who were ruled by Communism for almost a century.  How do you teach people who think like envious thieves and slaves to be free?  To do depend on themselves?  Much like many of the states from the former USSR, they struggle with anarchy, organized crime, and constant military coups.  They don’t have free markets.  They still think like socialists.  They still think like co-dependent slaves.

In a grand irony, the leftist communist banner of “racial equality” again proves that this is the end of leftist central planning and tinkering – the ethnic turmoil and racist genocides we see across the former soviet states.  Dividing ethnicities for political gains runs its course over a few decades.  Are you finally waking up, Democrats of the USA?

What’s always amazing to me is how Communist nations like talking about racial equality but when you look at their populations, they are the most xenophobic, non-diverse, and homogenous people, culturally and racially.  Try being a white man or African American in China.  Walk around for a bit.  You’ll notice a strange feeling pretty soon.  Socialists are not tolerant.  They are not “diverse”.  They are envious ideologues, primed for faction-based thinking and group-think.  They speak words like the wind, while their actions prove their true sentiments, as we see now, great ethnic bloodbath.

God help these people in Kyrgyzstan.  It is a guarantee that not a single Democrat or socialist will.

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