Economic Doom Is Coming. Buckle Your Seatbelts. (Thanks Obama)

Reputable economists have been scolding the 1/4/2007 Democrat congress for years.  And Four Years after the Democrats took control of our government, we will see the grand finale of their policies and budgets.  This Wall Street Journal piece is a must read for anyone who works for a living or invests for retirement:

Read the story: Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse

Within minutes of posting the first version of this, I got an inquiry: “So what do we do?  How will we get out of it when it happens?”

Without going into a big story, essentially, we have to adopt the Tea Party’s financial platform, get the Democrats out, get the old guard Republicans out, and realize the following:

  1. You aren’t entitled to anything you can’t earn with your own two hands
  2. You live within your means
  3. You stop living on borrowed money
  4. You can’t consume your way out of debt (bailouts & spending), you have to PRODUCE your way out of debt

I’ve been saying these things for over a decade!  Especially point #4 boggles my mind (production versus consumption).  How immoral are we?  I don’t think it’s stupidity – I think it’s immorality because of a shift beginning in the 60s towards the Temporal z-axis of the political spectrum.  In other words, I think the vast majority of people are smart enough to understand they must produce their way out of debt, but they are too temporal-oriented to be wise and moral enough to do the right thing.  They have favored their animal sides over their human-spiritual sides.  Wisdom and intellect are two different things.  Wisdom is the ultimate.

So where did it all begin?  A long time ago.  Not with Bush, not with Obama.  Obama was just the person who could’ve saved us.  And he failed.  Yes it is too late.  There were two paths to choose:

  1. Republican path (summary – decrease socialist policies)
    1. Slow down “access” to “free money” that you didn’t earn, increase interest rates, and begin taking it on the chin slowly
    2. Cut back discretionary spending and entitlement spending which is the biggest burden on the national debt
    3. Correct the bloated government employee pay, which rose to a median of over $70k during the fake-home-value bubble, while private workers inched up to only a bit over $40k.  It’s easy to do. 

      You go to your employees and say, “Good government workers, we enjoyed robbing the taxpayer blind for the last 10 years on fake values of their homes, and we gave you some of those ill-gotten monies in your salaries.  Well the party is over.  We did you wrong because we raised your hopes and dreams on a fantasy and now the day of reckoning has come. 

      Everyone must take a pay cut, who works for the government.  Teachers, police officers, everyone.  We are sorry that we have to do this, but think of it this way – we robbed the citizen blind for the last 10 years and had a fun party while it lasted, right?”

    4. Discover ways of incentivizing industries which went over seas to come to America and invest here
    5. Begin re-establishing a manufacturing base for long-term financial security
    6. Cut war and defense spending to what is needed for R&D and immediate security operations – there are way too many overpaid defense contractors and tag-alongs.  Make the monetary incentives which last the entire life of a soldier commensurate with their level of risk.  Those who see combat should get more rewards.  Those who sat behind a desk or trained dogs 3000 miles away from combat should not get lasting pensions that are anywhere near the standard today.  The concept behind exorbitant pensions for servicepersons is the risk they take on for their lives.  A model needs to be developed to accurately measure that risk and correct the risk-reward basis.  It is an insult to those who must participate in combat to have pensions that are anywhere close to those who hang out at a base and play with dogs, miles away from danger.  And it’s also a leech on our tax dollars, a bloated pension system.
    7. And much more…
  2. Democrat path (summary – beginning on 1/4/2007 when Democrats took over congress, increase socialist policies)
    1. Feed big business bailouts instead of making them face the consequences of their failures, and file for bankruptcy (a new buyer would have made the companies better and stronger, correcting their business models).  Pick winners and losers in the corporate world.  Bank of America?  Obama likes you.  You can stay.  And here’s a bunch of money to help out.  Lehman Brothers?  Obama doesn’t like you.  Your days are over.
    2. Increase entitlement spending “give something-for-nothing to Democrat voters, and rob working people blind”
    3. Takeover the healthcare industry
    4. Takeover the automobile industry
    5. Takeover the financial industry
    6. Try to takeover the energy industry with Cap & Trade and The American Power Act
    7. Decrease the interest rate to encourage more discretionary and wasteful spending – cut it to almost nothing, punishing people who try to save their money
    8. Borrow Trillions of dollars and print the rest, inflating our currency – a hidden tax on everyone with money, robbing for the losers who have big debt from the pockets of diligent people who saved their money and lived within their means
    9. Redistribute wealth from conservative states that are responsible, to liberal states with bloated government budgets and overpaid government workers.  Without the fake-valued-houses, and the ill-gotten property tax, those irresponsible liberal states overspent their way to oblivion.  Instead of making them fix the heart of the cancer, just rob responsible citizens from conservative states blind, using the federal government and Obama’s “Reinvestment” act as the vehicle.

Well, congratulations Democrats.  You will succeed in collapsing the economic system.  If you think for a second that we will go along with a plan for world currency sometime between 2011 and 2012, you’re out of your minds.  I will hunt for rabbits and become a survivalist before I cede my freedoms to any form of one-world governance.

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