Congressperson Bob Etheridge Assaults a Young Man

Watch the 1 minute video.  This is the behavior of a person drunk on power, an authoritarian.  Here is the face of your socialists.  Here is the face of a person who believes in worldwide central planning, taking over the energy industry with cap and trade, and taking over the healthcare industry from 51% (medicare & medicaid) to 100% with ObamaCare:

Democrats and Republicans of RAAI have the following answer for you Bob, if we could have put words and experience in the mouths of these children:

“We are American Citizens, particularly students, attempting to solicit information from our public elected official, you, Bob Etheridge.  Because we bought that pretty suit that you wear for you with our tax dollars, we are entitled to have you answer to us anywhere, and at anytime when you show your face in public.  You are our servant.  You are our public servant, and you answer to us.  Get it?  We are your boss.  Now answer the question, or we will work relentlessly to fire you. 

In addition, I demand an apology for your assault and your brute manner of action which insults the decency and class of our founding fathers.  No man of God would behave this way.  No man with class would behave this way.  No wise man would behave this way.  And we demand prudence from our leaders.  You are out of line sir, for the standards of a decent citizen, let alone the standards of a public official.”

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