Palestinian Hysteria: Silence from the Left on Kyrgyzstan…Hundreds Murdered, Thousands of Casualties, Hundred Thousand Refugees…but It’s Okay

Sometimes I just can’t believe my eyes.  I feel the same way I did shortly after 911, when I was defending the West from hate-USA liberal activists on university campuses.  I feel the same way that I did when Russia carpet bombed Georgian villages, murdering indiscriminately anyone in their path to seize control of an oil pipeline.  The left was silent.  Socialist Russia got a free pass for indiscriminate bloodshed.  Then the Palestinian flotilla raid involved anti-Israeli, anti-US, terror supporters (not my words, their own, video footage proves it), declaring that they would try to martyr themselves and cause an incident (which they did), assaulting the Israeli enforcers with metal pipes, knifes, blunt-force trauma, and paramilitary tactics (one-two heave-ho).  Yet somehow the Israelis were out of line to defend themselves for enforcing their sovereignty on the sea.  A thing that no leftist would hold against any other government that they like (which is pretty much any government they give free passes to: Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, China, Russia, Egypt, India, France, Germany, Spain, you name it).

And so here we are, hundreds murdered, thousands of casualties, and over a hundred thousand displaced Uzbeks, fleeing for their lives in Kyrgyzstan, victims of racist and ethnic violence – a civil war between Sunni Muslims of different ethnicities, in the heart of a country that was ruled by “worldwide-racial-unity-communist” doctrine for over a century (ha).

Since this atrocity began, I have seen continued coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, handfuls of stories every day.  I’ve seen almost nothing on Kyrgyzstan, which is only about 5000% as violent, bloody, atrocious, and morally reprehensible in comparison to the current Palestinian conflict.

I really want to know from a leftist: are you just engaged in group think, and your brain truly does not comprehend objectivity and truth, or do you really feel that non-Western, non-Christian, non-Capitalist nations are your lifeblood and allegiance, and you will do anything to support them, and the undermining of the West?

I have a feeling that on the surface it is the prior, and in the depths of the psyche, it is the latter, with a smattering of self-imposed guilt and self-flagellation to compensate for the rotten, hypocritical, materialistic, handouts-from-daddy, handouts-from-government, easy-come-easy-go lives they have enjoyed.

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