Legalize Marijuana?

Well, the legalization lobby is trying to shove their will down people’s throats, first with “medical dispensary” ruse, and now by taking a gender-manipulation angle.  Yes because women are so pliable, emotional, and fickle like the wind, correct?  Wait a second…supposedly the left would berate such bias.  But then why try to exploit such stereotypes admittedly?  Don’t think about the double-standard too hard.  You’ll go dizzy analyzing Democrat logic.

I’ve got no bones in the game.  The libertarian in me says I don’t care what you do.  But the scientist in me identifies that pot has a high probability of creating many half-assed, lackluster retards with exacerbated career problems, social problems, relationship problems, family problems, psychological disease, cancer risk, lung disease, heart disease (but don’t listen to me, listen to NIH about that).

What is the fantasy land solution of RAAI perfection that I would propose (and will never happen)?

Legalize marijuana with severe exceptions:

  1. Big tax on it
  2. Those who sell it in black markets after legalization have a required freeze of all assets to all connected corporation and personal bank accounts owned by the bootleggers.  The courts can seize all of their money and send them to jail if found guilty and convicted.  The money does not go to localities except court costs.  The rest of the money goes to pay down the general fund and take a burden off the taxpayer and cannot be spent to expand the government at all.
  3. All pot users must register with the federal government and are immediately disqualified from health insurance pools that non-drug users are in.  They must make their own health insurance pool.  Pot users must carry the weight of their own self-gratification activities, all of the costs, all of the health risks, and all of the bleeding of funds for psychiatry, drug rehab, lung disease, mental disease, increased cancer risk, and unemployment issues.  They must insure themselves and not suck dry their neighbors who choose healthy entertainment.
  4. Mandatory death penalty for any pot user who murders or kills an innocent bystander while under the influence (by negligence or DUI).
  5. Mandatory death penalty for any alcohol user who murders or kills an innocent bystander while under the influence (by negligence or DUI).
  6. Mandatory prison sentence for women who smoke pot while pregnant.

With justice in place to carry the weight of the burden that normalization of pot would put upon our society, two things happen: pot users get a new freedom, and the rest of the population does not have to deal with their anti-social and selfish consequences that come along with the entertainment-choice of pot smoking.

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