Conservative Epic Fails of the Week: Glenn Beck & Rep. Joe Barton

Most of the times Glenn Beck has useful info, even borderline profound information to consume.

But this week, we have a HUGE smack down on the Beck.  He did an entire episode on fiction authors.  He claims “I always look to fiction authors because they tell the truth and they so often predict the future correctly.”

Of course he points to legendary books like Atlas Shrugged, Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, and a few authors who predicted 911.

Well a lot of people predicted 911.  Al Qaeda tried to bring down the WTC in 1993 during Bill Clinton’s years.  Terror operatives repeatedly said they would be back to finish the job.  These “prophetic” authors are not really approaching Nostradamus level here, if you know what I mean Silly

And so what is the truth?  The truth is that political writers like George Orwell, Ayn Rand, and Aldous Huxley are few and far between.  There were literally millions of fiction books published in the last century, across the globe.  Pointing to a handful of legendary authors that you can count on two hands hardly constitutes a pattern of reliable “prophecy”.  They all had one thing in common though: they understood political ideology, they understood society and human nature, AND they were honest, self-sacrificing, and generally moral people who were not made blind by their own ideology.

Unfortunately, I think that many of the biblical and military authors who tend to dabble in “prophetic fiction based-on-real-life” do not share those positive qualities with authors like Aldous Huxley.

What is most gratuitous about this episode of Glenn Beck is the fact that he has just released his own fiction book “the overton window”, which may be spectacular, but to try and sell it by convincing people that fictitious prophecy should become a real foundation of their own worldviews and faith – that is outright insane and disingenuous.  Glenn Beck, you are not the next Aldous Huxley, and I would also want to know who is actually writing your books.  There is no way that a person with a radio show, and daily TV show is authoring a dozen books in a couple of years.

But of course, Democrats and the left unabashedly embraced Glenn Beck’s feelings on the matter, many many years before.  Does anyone remember “The DaVinci Code” which sought to undermine trust in Christian authorities, historians themselves, and particularly the Catholic Church? 

What makes me laugh now is how the ideological left must now admit that they have some worldviews in common with Glenn Beck – a belief that “clever” fiction “could be real” and should form some kind of basis in their own personal formulation of other worldviews.  Applause

Next up, speaks for itself: Joe Barton, got sucked right into Obama’s oil spill death trap – as Obama has used the oil spill incident for many purposes, but one in particular, to incite European-styled class warfare and anti-business sentiments.  So Obama stereotypes and profiles “white CEOs in the suburbs who don’t care at all about inner city children” and he says “I’ll meet with world dictators who murder people by the hordes, suppress free speech, execute homosexuals, beat up women, and the rest – but that BP CEO – OOOOO he’s a bad white boy, corporate raider, I hate him.  No I will not meet with him, because, you know those successful white businessmen, they just tell you what you want to hear to your face anyway.”  (speaking of profiling, Obama, I wonder if the Democrats are calling you out on your grand hypocrisies in decrying Arizona for their law that PROHIBITS profiling based on race, while you, Obama, are doing it right out in the open)

Well Joe Barton gets sucked into the Left-Right game and says that Obama is prosecuting a “shakedown” of BP for $20 billion.  Way to go Joe.  Too bad BP, Goldman Sachs, and Obama are all hand-tied economically since they’re all colluding with each other on this, and what is happening now is just political theater, completely orchestrated to divide and conquer useful idiots.

Joe, you and Obama occupy the same space now – the space of loser ideologues.  But both of you are on the take anyhow – enjoy your money while it lasts.  Americans are onto you and Obama, and all dirtbag politicians thanks to the internet.  Now that’s a stereotype I will proudly proclaim.  A dirty politician on the take.

Conservative epic fails of the week notwithstanding, we continue to seek the truth.  There are huge things happening right now.  This kind of petty bickering may soon seem like little children in adult bodies producing fisticuffs over who gets the swing first.

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