Calling Fellow Democrats: Obama Must Pay for Petrobras Lies! We Must Reject Obama’s Energy Policies and Call for New Leadership!

JFK here.  If you are a fellow Democrat, you will be insanely and wickedly pissed off by this news.  Obama approved a $2 BILLION payment to Petrobras, for offshore oil drilling in Brazil that is EVEN DEEPER than the well of the BP oil spill.  You heard me correctly.  Obama, with all his “spill-baby-spill” rhetoric, and Hollywood mouth pieces, ACTUALLY FUNDED OFF SHORE DRILLING.

What’s worse?  Progressive, evolutionary socialist puppet master George Soros, who has WRECKED our party with socialist infiltration, is behind Petrobras profiteering. 

And now Obama declares a six month moratorium on oil drilling in the gulf, even though there are literally thousands of platforms there operating with no incident? 

Experts are speculating that this six month moratorium is exactly what will drive these stagnant oil rigs to pick up and move to Brazil – exactly where Obama put his friend’s and financiers’ money.  If ANY rigs end up in Petrobras hands as a result of Obama’s moratorium WE MUST DEMAND IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA FOR CORRUPTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!

We have been relying on watchdogs to hold Obama accountable for his failures in the BP oil spill.  Now, we have a complete scandal of the highest order, from what began as very suspicious developments to the outrage of the Petrobras investment.

Esquire: The Secret 700-Million Gallon Oil Spill Cleanup Method that Worked and COULD HAVE Saved the Gulf

Gulf Oil Spill – Incredible Investigation is Underway, Massive Corruption

Gulf Oil Spill: Why did Obama not Demand the tried-and-true Saudi Cleanup Method?

If you took all that in and walked away very annoyed, but still faithful, let this new development completely destroy your faith in our fellow Democrats and make us demand their political blood in the streets come November:

Obama funds off-shore drilling in Brazil

Meanwhile our current Democrat leaders dragged BP executives to Washington for political theater this week, as if BP, Obama, George Soros, NALCO, and other “green” companies and cap and trade lobbyists are not all colluding together on this with their prolonged failures to mitigate the oil spill.  These people have now proven that they really do believe that “the ends justify the means”!  They have really succeeded in not “letting this crisis go to waste” as Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel says.

The goal?  Worldwide redistribution of wealth through cap and trade systems and energy policies, a George Soros, socialist dream.  What else?  Power and money beyond imagination for Obama’s Joyce Foundation, Al Gore, and Goldman Sach’s “Chicago Climate Exchange”, a fake-money-value-paper-moving company.

Clearly with Obama putting $2 BILLION behind new off shore drilling initiatives, the Democrat/Obama/Soros agenda has nothing to do with reducing oil usage, protecting the environment, or mitigating greenhouse gasses.

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