Democrat on Political Death Bed Robs $54M from You

For the price of $54M in free-market, capitalist hands, we could create two midsize companies that could employ thousands of people.  Instead?  As he prepares to leave congress, Democrat Chris Dodd robs you blind and hands the money over to one of the biggest casinos in the US.  A casino, mind you, which was not in trouble at all.  Oh, except for a layoff of 100 union workers commissioned to build posh, unnecessary architecture upgrades (BING BING BING – mafia government, hello!). 

Gee if only the Democrat leadership (comprised mostly of trial lawyers and other rhetorical professional backgrounds) spent any time in real business and companies – they might get the fact that when one company fails, the laid off workers just find another company to work at (I saw about 1,000 of my colleagues do this a while back).  It’s called thinning the herd and keeping us strong, my dear socialist-minded Democrats.  Having to scrounge and call up that inner self-determination ever-so-often in order to make it, makes us all stronger.  This is true capitalism and freedom – never too big to fail, never too small to fail.  Our stumbling is what makes us strong and capable.

What makes us weak is when dirty politicians choose to pick winners and losers, as the Nancy Pelosi congress has been doing since January 4, 2007.

Obama’s economic policy: “forkin’ it over to our union mafia buddies and crushing the producing industries”. 

But let’s believe the Democrat lobby behind this $54M appropriation, when they say, “casinos really make ‘quality jobs’”.  They do!  Much more important than trying to compete in the international commerce space, much more important.  Imagine the pride you get, watching that gambler, abandoning their family and kids, pulling that slot machine lever for hours upon hours on end, like a mouse in a wheel.  Such a noble profession, it is!

Sucking lots of citizens into systematic gambling is even more important than other entertainment like fine arts which inspires creativity and productivity.  No, really, I completely understand the Democrats’ contention of what makes a “quality job”. 

Casinos have never wrecked the financial lives of families and landed them like slaves on government welfare.  Casinos have never nurtured a dirty vice that has made many citizens neglect their families and children from addiction.  These are very “high quality jobs” we are talking about.  Gambling is an incredibly important industry for the taxpayer to prop up.

I have an idea, let’s legalize it, tax it a lot, get the government in bed with the thug mafia casino owners, and then we can capitalize on the subjugation of gambling addicts towards state-dependency, welfare, and unraveling of the family unit.  I wonder why no one has thought of this before?

Or shall we just put a cool $1k on 31 black and continue to fight losing battles?

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(gambling reference to roulette being a loser’s game – mathematical odds putting the roulette owner at a 2.7% profit margin and the fact that the more bets you make the more you lose in that game)

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