RAAI Supports TRUE Environmentalism and “Green” Ideology

When you confront what has matriculated as deeply held beliefs and religious thought in human beings, it can get ugly.  People of all dispositions can become emotional and reactionary.

On RAAI we follow a lot of stuff – from the theoretical, politics, economy, defense, environment, you name it.

Lately with the BP Oil Spill, Cap and Trade policy pushes, the Global Warming Climategate scandal, Maurice Strong’s new pushes, we have put out a lot of environment commentary.

We received a few dozen hate mails from very passionate environmentalists.  Let’s say up front that all RAAI authors, whether left or right leaning support TRUE environmentalism.  What we have tried to do is to prevent the environmental movement from being ENTIRELY hijacked by communist, one-world-governance supporters like Maurice Strong.  As you can imagine, this is tough, considering that Maurice Strong is the grandfather of what constitutes The Green Movement. 

We would also like to prevent evolutionary socialists like Obama, the Clintons, and Al Gore, and committed communists like Van Jones and Anita Dunn from hijacking the movement as well.

As you can imagine, this is problematic, being that all of these folks and many of their simpatico colleagues have controlled the movement for decades.

What does RAAI define as TRUE Environmentalism?  One that is based in the principles of love and ethics set forth in Aristotelian, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist philosophies.  From a governance standpoint, that translates to free market capitalist solutions, non-authoritarian methods, pro-libertarian methods.

Basically (but not exclusively):

Anthrocentrism is king.  No human beings should be made to suffer in order to prefer any animal (including insects).  If there is a non-theoretical, provable, and certain derivative threat to human beings from damage done to ecosystems, behaviors of humans can be curtailed first by cultural action (awareness), next by technological solutions, and as a last resort the rule of law.

While we don’t all believe in “primordial ooze” or man-from-frog theories, we respect Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection for what is unambiguously observable.  That means mostly we oppose biodiversity impositions which insult Darwin.  If an insect or animal is becoming extinct because of the incidental activities of mankind (not deliberate), then people who care and would like to donate their labor and own resources towards protecting endangered insects or animals should feel free to contribute of their own volition. 

But no taxpayer money and no imposition on mankind should be prosecuted to prevent Darwin’s process of Natural Selection.  That means if an insect or small fish is becoming extinct, then clearly the dominant species are justified in aiding the process of evolution, and making way for the successful species.

We encourage conservatism and recycling as a primary method of implementing green solutions.  This means responsible, “live within your means” consumption.  This means holding people to account for their unmitigated high-burn choices – whether it’s vacationing around the world and taking airplane flights which constitute the equivalent of driving an SUV to work for 4 months in a single round-trip flight, whether it’s making the choice to purchase large gas-guzzling vehicles, whether it’s wearing pounds of expensive makeup per month, whether it’s binging on soda pop and alcohol, whether it’s binging on drugs, whether it’s keeping entertainment activities which require extensive land and expense, whether its making poor health choices which then require millions of dollars and burned resources per person to cure you, or whether it’s just buying a ton of crap and clothes you don’t really need – the people who claim to care about the environment the most seem to be some of the biggest hypocrites when it comes to actually LIVING a REAL green life

Simply walk into a shopping mall and count the number of stores that exist to satisfy women’s vanity in proportion to necessary items for living.  In the Washington DC area, our premiere shopping mall is 81% overflowing with such wasted resources and goods – manufactured, shipped across the world, sitting in warehouses, sitting in stores, wasting energy and resources all for the greedy and vane activities of women.  Moderation is certainly not the key for these hypocrites who place “green movement” bumper stickers on their huge minivans and SUVs.

The environmental movement should be a scientific, technological, and cultural movement – not a government, religious, worldview, or economic movement.

There is great danger in the modern environmental movement.  We have seen the absolute destruction and squalid living conditions for humanity under governments which have intertwined passionate ideological thought with governance – be it religious, atheist (Napoleon, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Castro), modern (Islamic caliphates), or ancient (Egyptian).

We simply cannot allow the environmental movement to make the same mistakes in the halls of governance with authoritarian energy policies.  This goes against everything that RAAI authors fight for – Aristotelian Model Republic – one that is based on rationality and humanity.

Those people like Obama, Maurice Strong, Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, and the rest are taking their environmental platform down the same road of authoritarian ideological failure as American protestants in Puritanism, the medieval Catholic Church, the Nazis and The Third Reich, Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward, Communist Russia, and Napoleon’s reign of terror.

Every environmental dealing in RAAI will seek to protect TRUE environmentalism and ward off these power mad ideologues who have hijacked the movement.

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