Seriously? This Video of Greenpeace’s Leader is Disgusting – He Admits to Creating Environmental Religion

Not only does he admit to lying about the global warming ice depletion, he follows it up with this:

“We’ve been trying to get our modern green agenda done for 20 years, because it’s wise and good.  It sucks that we have to be confronted by a world of idiots who are just waking up to our ideology now.  But we are a ‘pressure group’ that must ‘emotionalize’ issues.  We HAVE TO do this, and we’re not ashamed of it.  It’s effective for us authoritarians who believe in the ends justifying the means.”

For you folks who have not read RAAI on a weekly basis, a little context for what the leader of Greenpeace refers to.  It is Agenda 21, Sustainable Development.

20 years ago was the conception of Maurice Strong’s plot towards one-world governance using “Agenda 21” “Sustainable Development”, a manifesto finally presented in Rio in 1992.  Of course, this plan has been in the making for decades.  The god of the entire environmental movement, Maurice Strong, has been at it since the 50s when he was in Communist China with his Aunt, advisor to murderous dictator Mao Zedong.

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