The Dirty News Buried Last Weekend: Israel is Cleared to Bomb Iran

Only the Times of London reported – and Fox News Channel: Saudi Arabia has given Israel the nod to bomb Iran.

Just remember whenever you see a report on Iran and Israel, it’s in the context of this: Obama needs Israel to bomb Iran in his good-cop/bad-cop strategy.  His goal is to use Israel to take the heat for the action, and get some of the animosity off the back of America when it happens.  Thus the apology tours and ostracism of Jews by Obama. 

Why in the hell would Israel go along with this, you ask?  They don’t have a choice.  Iran has already indicated their intent to nuke Israel.  Israel is between a rock and a hard place, with no choices left.  Meanwhile, Obama has failed in his non-attempts at diplomacy with Iran.

So does Obama come out looking like the loser that he is?  No.  Israel will bomb Iran, war will ensue, and America’s responsibility in the failure to prevent war will be mitigated by Obama’s cowardly (albeit clever) strategy. 

If Mike Bolton’s hard-line sanction strategy had been continued without interruption, we may have had a chance at avoiding this war.  Obama “changed” that Bush policy, to his own path that will prove to be a failure, the very second the bombs go off in Iran.

Trouble is this: while such political trickery might work in some Western countries for political gain – the enemies of America are not true Democracies.  So the mandate of their people means nothing. 

And don’t think for a second that the leaders of our enemies fail to comprehend Obama’s little game.  The next 911, which will involve much more severe consequences, is on its way.  And those same hostile leaders will once again, look the other way – as the Saudi princes did when 19 of their wahhabist citizens implemented the 911 attack for 3 years straight.

Now, the Saudis say: go ahead Israel, we will let you bomb Iran unimpeded because we don’t want a nuclear mullah-state in our backyard (but by the way, we are going to use the fallout to kill you with our Salafist movement and The Muslim Brotherhood). 

So here you are Israel, buying the rope from the Saudis upon which you will soon hang.  And your stay of execution from America is not going to come, because Obama has sold you out too. 

Aren’t American Jews glad they voted for Obama at upwards of 80-some percent?  Well I guess being an American Jew doesn’t necessarily mean that you care about your ethnic brothers and sisters in Israel being vaporized in a cloud of radioactive nightmare.

“Now, I am become death, destroyer of worlds.”

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