TWO Special Snowflake Victim Groups Fight – Big Bad Mean Whitey is Nowhere to be Found :-(

Now this is one for the books of leftist-inspired victimology-politics.  Two self-proclaimed “victim” groups claim discrimination.  University leftists of course side with Muslims over Jews.  I think the general PhD educator rule in determining the TRUE victim in a contest of TWO “victim” groups goes something like this:

“Well, how white is the skin on average of the one favored victim group?”

“The Jews are a little bit whiter on average, my liege.”

“Well then, clearly they are the oppressors in this case!  To the defense of the slightly-darker-skinned ones!  To the defense of the Muslims!”

Rolling on the floor

My favorite?

“In 2005, the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights found that Muslim students had engaged in offensive behavior, but that their actions stemmed from opposition to the politics of Israel rather than to Jewish students themselves.”

Isn’t that so PhD-ie of them?  Yes, and the Al Qaeda terrorists of 911’s murderous hatred just “stems” from opposition to American politics too.  The slaughtered little people’s lives that the authoritarian leftists do not really care about are simply incidental.  Oh, yes, and also when the Moors initiated the first hostilities between Muslims and Christians, ransacking, raping, and pillaging their way through Europe, this also just “stemmed” from opposition to politics and power.  Those innocent sheeple?  Never mind them.  The act of abusing, raping, and murdering them has nothing to do with hatred of them, it’s just incidental. 

Side note: were it not for Charles Martel and thousands of brave Christian men, we’d all likely be kneeling on rugs right now.  Food for thought (are you listening anti-war activists?)

So once again, Democrat Obama supporters ruling the University of California ($1.5M in donations to Obama by the way), play their secular-religion ideological game of victimology in 2005 to give Muslims a free pass for their hatred.  Five years later, after nurturing an environment of denial and stupidity thanks to the lack of prudence in their own leftist religious thought, we have come to this: swastikas and mobs of Muslim hate mongers disrupting university events.

Well, even PhDs can learn from their mistakes, I suppose (temporarily), and so they have suspended this Muslim group for the monkey-like behavior.  But come on, leftists across the globe do things like this.  We can find examples of leftist Democrats doing this every single year – in recent memory, Canadian leftists doing it to Ann Coulter. 

So come on UC Irvine, the Muslims are just using your own favored tactics that you taught them when you decided to pander to them after 911!  You bring them into the leftist victimology fold, and now you are surprised when they act like leftists?

What is a dedicated lefty to do when TWO special snowflake victim groups are at each others throats and big bad mean whitey is nowhere to be found?  Well, they try to tamp down on everything first off, and try to get a victim powwow.  Remember this? Liberal Victimology: “Hate Crimes” on Gays are only for White Criminals

The divide-and-conquer strategy of the left has produced a string of isolated factions and discontent amongst their ranks.  When you derive your power based upon emotions, half-truths, and personal identity, that power is assuredly volatile.

How is that volatile power working out for you lefties?

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