BP Oil Chief Enjoys Yacht, USA Chief Enjoys Partying During Oil Crisis; Figured it out yet? BP & Obama are on the Same Team.

Machiavelli here.  Americans should be outraged.  Democrats should feel betrayed by Obama.  The latest volley from Obama, handed down through his CoS (Rahm Emmanuel), criticizes BP CEO Tony Hayward for going to a Yacht race to watch his Yacht compete.  When will the Democrat faithful wake up, and stop taking this political theater bait?  Obama and BP are simpatico.  They are totally in on this together – from NALCO, to Goldman Sachs, to the oil spill itself.  I am waiting for an explanation as to:

  1. Why the response was so slow
  2. Why Obama rejected tons of zealous aid from foreign countries
  3. Why Obama rejected the Saudi clean up method invented by Nick Pozzi which successfully solved bigger oil spills than this
  4. Why Goldman Sachs (one of Obama’s biggest financiers @ $1M) dumped 43% of the their BP holdings right before the spill
  5. Why Tony Hayward sold 33% of his BP holdings right before the spill
  6. Why BP wrote a major part of Obama’s Cap and Trade redistribution of wealth bill
  7. Why Obama mocked “drill baby drill” yet FUNDED A $2 BILLION investment in Petrobras (Brazilian offshore oil drilling)
  8. Why Obama made a moratorium on oil drilling in the gulf with thousands of operational rigs already working safely and effectively?  Could it be that he knows that those oil platforms will be forced into bankruptcy or else pick up and go to Brazil to make Obama and his buddies rich?

Of course, this is sick, and Tony Hayward is a criminal, and so is Obama.  How dare Obama scold BP’s CEO for tending to his Yacht on one day.  Wait until you see what Obama has done with himself during the Oil Spill Crisis.  This latest trickery is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy!

In summary?  Lots of golfing, lots of dancing, lots of partying with stars, trivial airplane flights across the country just to eat some special foods (Buffalo chicken wings from Buffalo NY for one), chit-chatting about sports, fundraising for Democrat congresspersons, etc:


As a side note – shouldn’t someone who actually believes in anthropogenic global warming avoid taking airplane flights all over the country for discretionary reasons like eating chicken wings and special foods and partying with entertainment personalities?  Just saying, Obama, if you really believe the lies that you sell, you are a very, very hypocritical and weak man.

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