Obama Does not Want the Gulf Oil Spill Cleaned Up

As if Obama’s investments in Petrobras and NALCO aren’t enough…he says “we won’t use skimming ships because they might need them elsewhere in the country for other oil spills”

Response is “duh”…”that’s like saying we can’t send the fire trucks to your house because there might be other fires”

Obama has denied 21 offers of assistance from 17 foreign countries, including the proven clean up methods of super skimmers used in Saudi Arabia.  If you’ve followed RAAI, then you probably know why: Petrobras, NALCO, and Cap and Trade.  If super skimmers come in and mitigate the spill quickly – offshore drilling would be perceived as less dangerous.  On the other hand, if you exacerbate the disaster with non-response, rejection of aid, and non-solutions (from “green” companies that you have invested in), then you’ve got a bigger poster child for your panacea of progressive legislation – the government takeover of the entire energy industry.  A takeover by the way, which has left Spain with 20+% unemployment for years.

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