The Plot Thickens: Obama & BP Knew About the Oil Rig Threat in February – Petrobras & NALCO Investments were in Place in November 2009

Bloomberg reports: In February “They damn near blew up the rig” (Robert Bea, engineering professor at UC Berkeley).

This incontrovertibly answers some of our critical questions from this weekend:

  1. Why did Obama’s financier Goldman Sachs dump 43% of their BP holdings right before the spill?
  2. Why did Tony Hayward, BP CEO, dump 33% of his BP holdings right before the spill?

Don’t tell me for a second that with this evidence, anyone thinks that they didn’t know it was going to explode.

With George Soros dumping $1 BILLION into Petrobras, and George Soros funding Obama’s entire operation via the “center for american progress” (John Podesta staffed Obama’s entire administration with this vehicle), one profound question remains:

Does Obama think that he can get away with the drilling moratorium?  This moratorium will lose $1 BILLION per month, for six months in just AMERICAN WAGES (even more in revenues).

Why, during a recession, does Obama want to kill $6B in American wages?  Obama lent Petrobras $2 BILLION taxpayer dollars (enough to fund 80 mid size startup companies that could employ about 64,000 American workers with good, high paying jobs).

When we say “does Obama think he can get away with it”, what we mean is this:

If even one of those 35 stagnant rigs (thanks to Obama’s moratorium) ends up in Brazil with Petrobras, then we have more than a conflict of interest.  We have the highest case of corruption since Richard Nixon.  It is also more than calling Obama out on his hypocrisy of being “against big oil” when he funded a $2B loan to big oil Petrobras (STATE CONTROLLED big oil company $15B in profit per year), and also, Obama will obviously not prevent those rigs from drilling over 300% deeper in Brazil.

How is this likely to play out?

That as early as February, Obama, BP, Goldman Sachs, Petrobras, NALCO, and George Soros knew that the rig was going to blow.  They made deals at that point to maximize their gains from the incident like this:

  1. Both BP and Obama respond slowly to the incident with methods they knew would never work
  2. They allow a researcher to try the non-solution, “dome method”, in order to carry out the “Microsecond Simulations of Spontaneous Methane Hydrate Nucleation and Growth” experiment, which cannot be achieved in a lab, because “how such complex structures form is notoriously difficult to study since the process of nucleation is a rare random event that happens in a few nanosconds and at a random location over a few nanometers”  “Methane hydrates form at high pressures and low temperature, and have an unusual crystalline structure in which water molecules form cages around individual methane molecules”.  In other words, using the dome, they have the perfect conditions for their experiment.  Who is behind the research?  USDE Mines Hydrate Consortium, sponsored by BP, NALCO, and Petrobras.  If they can figure it out, what do they get?  A new energy source to exploit: “Wu explains gas hydrates as vast untapped energy reserves found in the ocean and the permafrost that are also a potential storage medium for hydrogen fuel or sequestering carbon dioxide”.  As Obama’s CoS Rahm Emmanuel says, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.  If you were confused about the dome, there is your answer.  Hope that Obama’s progressive mad scientists got the data that they were looking for at the expense of the American citizens of the gulf region!
  3. Simultaneously, Obama rejects foreign assistance that could help clean up the oil before it reached shores
  4. Simultaneously, Obama rejects time-tested oil clean up methods that worked on bigger oil spills in Saudi Arabia (see Nick Pozzi)
  5. BP CEO and Goldman Sachs pull their money out of BP stock right before the explosion at the rig
  6. They cut a deal with “green” company NALCO (which Obama is vested in) to use their toxic dispersants in lieu of safer and more ecological solutions (supertanker vacuums that worked in Saudi Arabia)  NALCO gets $millions of BP’s money for the clean up.  Obama and his buddies get rich off of that.
  7. Even though BP & Obama are in on the whole thing together – they plan a tit-for-tat political theater so they can divide and conquer the hearts of the American people – create enemies, watch the mob of Rome (America) split into factions, choose sides, take their eye off the ball and the facts, and thus become more malleable to future hammering and manipulations.
  8. What is the final manipulation?  Cap and Trade energy policy.  BP helped to write Obama’s Cap and Trade bill.  Goldman Sachs is behind the Chicago Climate Exchange.  They will use the incident to get public support behind their scheme for a value-less, crime syndicate, where a bunch of bottom feeders and lawyers push paper around and get rich off of it – contributing nothing at all to society, just like the “affordable housing” bubble that created our current economic nightmare.  Thousands of greedy greenies who do nothing and contribute nothing, pushing around paper “licenses” and getting rich hand over fist for their little paper pushing scheme.  With cap and trade, first-world-country to second-world-country redistribution of wealth is achieved per the evolutionary socialist goal.
  9. Obama declares a drilling moratorium in the Gulf to force the oil rigs into the hands of Petrobras, making himself and his buddies, George Soros, richer than they already are.  At the same time, George Soros’ “New World Order” (his own words) that he wants gets a boost by Obama – because we permanently remove $1B/month ($12B per year) in American wages from the American economy and hand that productivity over to the Brazilians.  Together, they achieve First-World-to-Second-World Country redistribution of wealth, in the bid for one-world economy and one-world governance (New World Order – George Soros’ words, not mine).
  10. In the long run, BP wins out with Cap and Trade, along with Goldman Sachs and the rest of Obama’s buddies.
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