A Leftist Cacophony: Unions, Environmentalists, Communists, Anarchists, NGOs, Gays, Palestinian Lobby Mob the G8/G20 with Violence and “we’re queer and fabulous”

SONY DSC Well we pooled our resources to cover the 2010 G8/G20 in Toronto, which essentially means we have underground coverage from inside the “angry mob” of leftists.  We’ll just put forth a sampling of what we gathered as late as Sunday morning (6/27).

Before the well-deserved lambasting, let’s say this – the leftist protestors have a shred of virtue in some of their concerns.  Unfortunately their anger is misdirected, and their actions are guided by animal-like behaviors and immorality.  It is unfortunate that even if a noble voice of reason were to enter their ears, their own ideological and furious dispositions would render them deaf anyway.

If you are a loving and rational citizen, you would wish we had the nobility and peacefulness of the conservative, American Tea Party in the streets of Toronto this weekend.  Instead, what leftists decided to do (yet again) is disgusting.  Hopey-changey Obama is getting wised-up by traditional sentiments like “the more things change the more they stay the same”.

Check out Canada’s Communist Party Reporting, the “queer and fabulous” lobby, the anarchist lobby, the medical lobby ($120/hour rate for doctors on Canadian tax dollars to treat idiots’ little boo-boos from acting like monkeys, oh socialist Canada, your communist protestors do provide grand irony), and the story of the violence.

If you look closely enough at one of the new advertisements for the communist G20 protest, you’ll see they used the Anarchy symbol.  Amazing to me how people still don’t understand the cozy relationship between modern communist strategies and anarchists – it’s only all over the music scene, blogs, and publications from the organizations themselves.  Apparently Glenn Beck is the only one smart enough to actually pay attention to what these organizations and elected officials say in their own words.  Oh, and ex-communists.  Always funny to hear ex-communists who escaped from Russia tell Western liberals how stupid they are when their elected officials speak communist ideas right under their noses, out in the open, and Westerners are too stupid to understand what they’re saying.

g20-197 Anyway, it took 19,000 security personnel and almost $1 BILLION in security expenses to protect this summit from leftist aggression, violence, and militancy.  This time they managed to burn down 3 police cars, bust untold amounts of windows of middle-class-owned businesses, start violence by hurling rocks and bottles at people, and they even came prepared with their own military equipment – gas masks. 

Tell me Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other American lefties, how much has the activities of Tea Party protestors cost?  I imagine that you could have funded a bunch of “green” startup companies with that $1 BILLION in protection money, caused by your own leftist crazies.  If irony were made of strawberries, we’d all be drinking smoothies.

Possibly my favorite image (although there are many) is depicted above.  A woman with tattoos all over her nasty body, holding a cross with the money symbol on it.  Oh how clever.  Yes, currency, the item we exchange to represent our goods and services for living is the evil burden, and our cross to bear, with a nice double entendre of anti-Christian hate speech (which is another undercurrent of these groups). 

Yes, hate business, hate money, hate corporations, oh wise woman.  Wait a second.  I guess the thousands of dollars you spent tattooing every inch of your body was free.  And if it was, you must be a slave master, because you would’ve had to convince the laborers who spent the days of time in the tattoo parlor, and manufacturing of the instruments and ink to give up all of those hard earned resources and time for your own selfish and discretionary consumption activities.  Now go tell your neighbors how oil is evil and how people in the world are starving, while you enjoy your extravagant tattoos.  I hear a few thousand can feed a family for a year in some countries.  Oh wait.  That was the USA, thanks to the big corporations that you hate.  Silly

How ironic that the G20 leaders are now made up primarily of leftists, and here are their own constituents protesting their own leaders.  Idiots.

Here are more of them (click to see the photo album), complete with environmental hippies, environmental religion (self-proclaimed Earthians), environmentalist Avatar worshippers (way to go James Cameron), communists, socialists, racist communist mass-murderer fans (Che flag), destroyed cop cars, destroyed windows, and even a father-son hippie pair prepared with gas masks (even stoners from the 60s can learn over time how to perfect their non-constructive activities):

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