Muslim Ire: “Occupation” or Culture? Depends on the Audience. Women stoned, women raped and murdered by police.

Being that in the US they say that 20% of people are cheaters, I guess it means if you apply Islamic justice to our country, then you’d have to execute 1 in 5 of us!  My that would require a ton of electric chairs.

Iran to execute woman for adultery

But I guess this is better than being raped and murdered by elite Iranian police for not covering yourself up as they would like (why don’t I hear the “world citizens” of the left talking about this as they instead choose to talk about fantasies of ‘racial profiling’ by the police in Arizona?):

Iranian woman raped and murdered by police in traffic stop

And yes, death penalties for sexual conduct is Islamic Jurisprudence (it IS Muslim policy):

CNN and the left cover up the truth on Islamic Jurisprudence

So we tie all of these stories together for what point?  A big one.  The trouble is that the ideology of the left is painstakingly simple minded.  They have a guilt complex and do not want to speak about “minorities” or “foreign peoples” in a bad light, no matter what.  They will even shield their eyes and blind themselves to great injustice, burying the truth, in order to service this anti-US and pro-World-Citizen ideology.

This is the heart of the cancer that precludes the left from understanding the GWOT conflict (oh wait, Obama said there’s no such thing) <- exactly.

Yes, if you listen to what the Islamic world says strategically in their propaganda efforts (that is, in English), they will talk about “Occupation” being the thing that brings out ire and ‘jihad’.  This is false.  If you watch Islamic broadcasts to Islamic audiences, and if you ever meet truly honest and friendly Muslims who are not lying to you, you will discover – the most ire is caused by a fear of liberal Westernization, cultural influence, and a changing influence on Islamic families, traditions, and ways of life.

If you study history, this is exactly what turned Osama Bin Laden against the west – experiencing for himself the “decadence” and hating the concept of it spreading to his people.  Wahhabism and Salafism is based on this.  It is common sense – a people driven by tradition, fear any kind of cultural change.  It is why they repress music.  Saudi rock bands have to play in the underground and go to jail for playing if they get caught.

“Occupation” is not the key.  Islamic nations respect power and war.  They wish to wage it if they had the power to do so.  Islam is not “the religion of peace” – that is a false translation.  The true translation is “religion of submission”.  Historically this is accurate – conquer by the sword.  When there is total submission, then there is peace.  This underlies all Islamic theologies.  Remember that Muhammad was a warlord, not a carpenter like Jesus.

Yes such “occupation” is an affront to many Muslims.  But this is not the heart.  A large minority of Muslims respected the Afghan retaliation for 911.  If the West has a grievance, executes a war, this activity is respected and understood in the Muslim world.  They expect you to fight, war, kill, defend, and exercise power.  It is foundational in their culture and religion to do so.

What is not understood?  What is the real fear for Muslims?  Arrogance.  A foreign power body telling them how to live their lives, inspiring them to change their culture, the breakdown of the family, the liberalization, the sexualization of women, the influence of Western jurisprudence.

Many on the left would have you believe that a US troop on Muslim lands creates terrorists.  No, it doesn’t.  It creates fighters who will try and kill the troop.  It will bring in fanatical, militarized Muslims hiding in nooks and crannies throughout the Islamic world, and bring them to their fate at the end of an M16.

What really creates terrorists is what you see in this adultery stoning story.  International pressure on Islamic society to try and force them to live like Westerners and adopt Western ideals of equality and freedom.  This is the most outrageous thing to the Islamic world.

This fear of “liberalization” is the anvil that The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists have used to create the reactionary fundamentalist movement that brings violence and war to our world today.

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