You Just Linked Stormfront (White Nationalist – Neo Nazi Site). Yes, and We Have Also Linked Terrorist Sites Too. What is Your Implication, Fool?

An RAAI member was engaged in a discussion recently against great stupidity on the left – in fact – a primary detractor was a self-proclaimed “post-marxist”.  We sent the material around our group.  Can’t say it was really a good debate, but it was a good ass-kicking of an arrogant communist college student.

Apparently somewhere within about 20 pages of writing, the RAAI author linked “stormfront” as one of the sources.

What is Stormfront?  I didn’t even know myself.  Apparently it’s a neo nazi website, a hate site.  What was incredibly insulting and wretched about the behavior of the leftist – they were proven wrong at every step of the way, could not defend any of their claims, and in the end, that is all they had to say:

“You just linked stormfront”.

What was the link?  It was a black and white, newspaper clipping of Barack Obama being endorsed by the socialist political party.  It’s even got his picture, with his smiling little face.  No, that’s not news at all.  Just like it wouldn’t be news if a right-wing candidate was endorsed and pictured celebrating and embracing a fascist party.  Call me

The substance was the actual scan of the hard news story – a newspaper, not having to do with this ‘stormfront’ hate site at all.

As usual, instead of addressing the actual substance and the facts, the leftist simply resorted to name-games and propaganda techniques (guilt by association and ad hominem in this case).

That said, we usually try to avoid linking hate and terrorist sites, but in this case, it was not even known.  I think my OneNote folder is around 800 MB.  The RAAI author engaged in this debate, told our crew that this particular copy-paste was part of a OneNote file that had a few dozen web pages, all with hard evidence of Obama’s relation to the Chicago New Party (a socialist party) and Obama’s relationships with Saul & David Alinsky (evolutionary socialists).  When Google takes you to web pages, you don’t often investigate each and every single one – especially when they have clippings of hard news and that’s really what you’re after.  You just grab the hard news and be on with it.  We use such sources from all over the world, thanks to Google.

Eh, it happens, so we can forgive our buddy.  We are after all, not getting paid for our epic ass-whoopins of bad citizens.  Generally though, we try to pick the sources out of such horrible sites and reference a normal website, because we don’t like directing traffic to terror or hate sites.  So for this, we hope to find a new source for this CNP and Alinsky material and actively block Stormfront from citations in RAAI.

Nevertheless it was fairly amusing, that with all of the truth in his face to prove the fool wrong, all he could do was reduce himself to guilt-by-association propaganda.

If I get his implication correctly, and take up the anti-logic of this post-marxist, you should be very scared of RAAI authors now, because we have linked Islamic terrorist websites too, as poignant sources in the past (it’s hard to get such videos and certain material cited or cross-posted without undo risk).  This obviously means that we were not interested in commenting on hard-info reported by terror sources, but rather, that we ourselves are Islamic terrorists. Silly

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