Rich Cynical Jewish Hedonic Hippie Mommy

JFK here.  Ha ha ha about the last post.  Is that you Lincoln?  Methinks your rear-end may trump my own old-school Democrat butt.

So here is the story.  Sitting at a local joint.  Working on my work.  I know the locals really well.  I set up my shop – with power cord up on the bar counter.  Enter a rich, cynical, Jewish, hedonic, hippie, liberal mommy two seats to my left.

Bartender gets my drink.  The rich-entitled-female-one’s daughter arrives.  Her daughter is a college student.  Sits right next to me.  I look at her and say “I’m sorry, I can move this for you.”

I proceed to move my power cords aside and out of her space.

Daughter says, “Oh that’s okay”

Mommy interjects, “Oh, don’t you worry.  She’s a good girl.  She won’t break your computer.  She has one of her own.  She knows how to treat it.  I try to tell her to stay off of the porn modeling sites and she listens to me.”

I say, “Ma’am I really was just trying to give your daughter space and be considerate.”

A sarcastic retort, “Oh…right, suuuure.”

A few minutes later I start talking to the bartender, just friendly small talk.  Hedonic wonder-mommy feels the need to jump in.

How to bring fake Seinfeld characters to real life, walking caricatures, thoughtless sock puppets on extended arms that originate in Hollywood …with enough brainwashing from the socialist-overrun liberal media, for a period of 2 generations, we get, living walking morons, liberal avengers, oh-so-modern, talking casually about their daughters being prostitutes, cynical of everyone around them, insulting by nature, arrogant by nature, with unjustified confidence and gross immorality.

What has become of my political party of the great left?  Will they force me to vote yet again for the Right wing *cringe*?  I’ve just about had it.

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