Vacations and Hiatus – RAAI Takes a Step Back

Good citizens,

As you may have recognized, RAAI authors have taken a bit of a hiatus as of late.  The summer is booming for us all, with vacations, increased duties, family affairs, and the rest.  Some authors are in dire struggles on behalf of our nation.  Others are working around the clock on things that will help generations to come.  Of course, the act of contributing research, analysis, and writings for RAAI is a volunteer activity – a charity we offer of our own volition.

And so for the near future, we may have very sparse postings.  We may put up some mega-debates that some members had in the past months, and some more hard-gotten original sources of information.  We’ll see if we have the bandwidth here and there for a little peer-review and editing.

During our extended hiatus (which could be months), please stay tuned to Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, MEMRI, BBC, Jihad Watch,, The Wall Street Journal, CATO Institute, the Brookings Institute, and The Heritage Foundation.  Also, read some Thomas Sowell, the man who should have been our first black President. 

Yes it is sad that there is only one left-leaning think tank that we feel has integrity anymore.  But remember that this is more a consequence of foreign subversion than anything that the liberal old media and Democrat party brought upon itself, so keep your hope that we may be able to expel the socialists and radicals from the Democrat party within a generation.

As always, keep asking questions, keep seeking the truth, use original sources, reject cynical contrarian Jon-Stewart-styled half-assed engagement and half truths, dig into history and multiple sources, and TRUST BUT VERIFY (Reagan).

With love,
RAAI Syndicate

PS – that is JFK’s big butt pictured above, second from right Rolling on the floor

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