Christian Bigot Citizen? Or Secular Bigot University? Insufficient Evidence for RAAI Judgment.

A Christian student counselor would not treat a homosexual mental patient.  Eastern Michigan University (EMU) fired and expelled her for this reason. (Julea Ward, the expelled Christian student is pictured to the right)

This is actually an interesting case, because it could be one of two injustices, and RAAI is exactly dead center on the fence.  While we are frequently “partially” neutral, in this case, we are “entirely” neutral.  Reasons?

There are only 2 possibilities:

  1. Christian Bigot: In violation of the bible, this student failed to “render unto Caesar”, listen to the secular authority of her employer, and see that the student needs help and it doesn’t matter what their sexual preference is.  A well-educated follower of Christ would offer assistance, and have compassion for the suffering of the patient (so long as the patient’s specific issues did not adversely impact the counselor).  In case #1, EMU is the righteous party for their actions in expelling a Christian bigot (who would consequently have a bad interpretation of the bible)
  2. Secular Bigot: In case #2, the student actually is not a bigot.  Depending on the particular issues of the patient, the student may have been exposed to morally repulsive and disturbing homosexual descriptions (in her perspective), and she may have simply said “it is not in my capacity to treat this patient to the best of my abilities, in addition, the exposure will harm me; therefore, I cannot treat this patient.  Please reassign the patient to someone who can better help them.”

    Just like an environmentalist vegan who is morally repulsed by a patient who would be discussing disturbing things to them, or a weak-stomached counselor who couldn’t take stories from a serial killer’s perspective, any professional should be able to recuse themselves from a patient if they feel they cannot ethically and efficiently handle the work.  Would the employer retain the right to fire them for their decreased capacity and abilities?  Absolutely.  But University expulsion?  Never. 

    If this was the case – if the Christian student wanted the homosexual patient to get the help they needed, but felt that they could not do it effectively – then there was no “diversity training” required (as much as the university has no business telling vegan environmentalists how they should think).  In this case, the ideological offender is the secular powers of the University, using their own “religion” and ideologies to truly dispel diversity of thought by coming down on people who hold different views on familial and sexual aspects of anthropology.

Interesting?  Yes.  The hard news reporting does not provide enough information to fairly judge the case.  What we can take?  Professionals must not dismiss customers based on sexuality, creed, race, or gender.  On the other hand, a professional should be able to refer a case to colleagues if they feel that they are unable to provision the best products and services for a particular customer’s case.  If the homosexual student’s issues had nothing to do with sexuality, or homosexual relationships, then the case is closed – the Christian was bigoted (and misinformed on true Christian dogma), and the University was justified in their punitive action. 

All this said, there is another theme.  When comparing refusal of counseling for a particular patient’s case, I’ve personally seen much more aggressive bigotry towards Caucasians at Universities without expulsion of the anti-Caucasian racist students.  But this is another matter entirely – equal justice under the law.  Universities certainly violate equal justice in their governance in many areas.  Intellectual integrity infrequently makes its way into organizational governance policies, when the organizations are controlled by people with personal agendas that are divorced from objective mission orientation.

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