Non-Lethal Mailbox Bombs Currently in Metro-DC Area – Good Time to “Discriminate” Young White Males

Sowell here.  Very glad to cover this story. As a black man, I now have an opportunity to “discriminate” against young white males.

First the story, pranksters are setting off chemical bombs that can cause serious tissue damage and blindness in the metro DC area.

Read the story

Why I singled this story out?  Great opportunity to remind all of the ignorant self-flagellating Democrats that Criminal Profiling is a useful tool of law enforcement.  You know, this thing that they claim is “racism” except for when white males are under the spotlight. 

Yes race is a parameter of criminal profiling.

In fact, Criminal Profiling was originally invented by the FBI in order to catch serial killers.  White male serial killers.  Without this tool, many criminals go free to ply their evil, such as violent drug dealers, serial killers, terrorists, and skin-white white collar criminals to name a few (uh oh, is that prejudice? no, you’re shaking your heads right now liberals, because the target of my “prejudice” is big bad whitey).

Yes to us conservative folks with normally operating brains, it is common sense that if you are looking for a terrorist, you need to focus your search on, oh say, Muslims and to a much lesser degree, militia members.  Unless you’re in Ireland.  Then you should look to the IRA affiliates, and accept Democrat demagoguery as a religious “bigot”.  Just kidding!  They don’t equally apply their emotions of victimology to all cultural groups.  It’s safe to say that if you profile an IRA terrorist, you’ll evade the specious “racist” judgment of liberal Democrats.

And so the liberals continue with their nonsensical attempts at removing your intellect with idiotic guilt trips about “look at how many minorities are in prison” and xyz.  This is the exact same tactic they used to get the death penalty abolished in some states for a few years, much to the chagrin of the innocent families who enjoyed the increased murder rates that followed the lovely Democrat bleeding-heart experiment.

Of course it never occurs to them – yes, mostly white men are serial killers, white men are white collar criminals, black men are rapists, black men are armed robbers, black men are violent drug dealers, white men are child molesters.

And in this case, young white males are most likely the pranksters.

Democrat logic about profiling is similar to this:

If we observe that homosexual males are buying an inordinate amount of sexual lubricant, it must be because of a massive conspiracy of businesses and marketers to force them into that buying decision.  It couldn’t be the case that the behavioral choices of homosexual males in general are responsible for the trend, and that marketers would be responding to the selling opportunity.

Instead they like to point you to arrest demographics, and claim that demographics are proof of institutionalized targeting instead of the obvious truth that honest people will accept – those statistics are a result of those demographics being in situations and cultures that promote the particular criminal behavior.  And then Democrats will talk about “poverty”, even though there are significant proportions of poor citizens in all demographics.  They won’t put on their history caps, and see that far back in the 40s, there were poor European communities who had much less comfort than the “poor” of today, yet were not murdering and raping each other in the streets at a fraction of the rate that inner cities see today.  Neither do today’s poor rural communities of any race see this sick culture of violence.  Neither do poor rural communities glorify this culture of degradation and violence in their artwork, music, writings, and other cultural artifacts.

Essentially, this was the message of Bill Cosby, another black man who agrees with me.  And like Bill Cosby, I would be ostracized for speaking the truth and demanding internal change that respects American tradition, rather than reverse-discrimination and anti-White racism which seeks to create new victims and perpetuate a culture of political servitude and dependence upon the big-government plantation.

In truth, profiling is not an exact science.  It’s purpose is to narrow a statistically improbable investigation surface area, to a manageable size that constrained manpower can handle.  It is a crucial and successful tool, that has been a critical component of the FBI’s investigative arsenal for decades. 

Can people game it?  Sure.  If you’re a black male and you want to have a higher probability of getting away with something, try out white collar crime instead of rape.

The reason that criminal profiling was invented was to solve failures of investigation.  Democrats want us to return to those failures…unless of course, the target is big bad whitey.  As Democrats continue to secure special treatment for perceived “victim” groups and violate every semblance of “equal justice under the law”, hopefully, the FBI will maintain its legal right to use the crucial tool of criminal profiling in their investigations.

Of course, Democrats brainwashing people into playing identity politics certainly removes their rational cognitive abilities when exercising their important right of suffrage.  And this is the game.  It’s all about power and control.  The most insidious manipulation of Democracy we can think of – poisoning the hearts of the populace with guilt and envy so that the facts of every issue are horded in the hands of people of power.  An aware and thinking constituency is not prone to manipulations and shell games.

Republicans have their moments too with such emotional propaganda, but since Lyndon Johnson, the Democrat party is the true master of this political deception.  In fact, Johnson’s “great society” is largely responsible for the current suffering of my black people in the inner cities.  Yet another bleeding heart liberal experiment with predictably destructive side effects.  But let us continue forth with fickle, hasty, and unreasonable “change” for the sake of general discontent.

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