Sarah Palin Coins a New Word, “Refudiate”, Civil Rights Orgs Go Crazy

I believe “refudiate” would be a cross between refute and repudiate?  Or perhaps a confusion.  I really don’t like intentional butcheries of the English language.  I think it’s the first hiding place of those who are too lazy to learn the full breadth and potential of the Queen’s vernacular.  I like to raise the bar, rather than constantly lower everyone’s standards.

Sarah Palin called on peaceful Muslims to “refudiate” the Ground Zero Mosque.

Regardless, the reason it is an item at all is because the urban crew of white-rural-culture bigots is at it again.  When Jesse Jackson or a black preacher obliterates grammar and invents words in serious speeches – this is “endearing” or “trendy”.  When a Hollywood script writer invents words like “ginormous”, it’s clever.  When a geek invents a new word-amalgam to dumb down or liven up technical concepts, it’s fascinating.

When a strong white woman who represents many sentiments of rural America does it, the liberal media (CBS is where I heard the report) makes news blitzes to criticize her and imply that she’s a dumb ignorant redneck hick woman.

Shall we talk hypocrisies and double standards?  Where are the civil rights groups now, taking on this bigotry against rural whites?  I guess they are busy digging up all of the ebonics-inspired non-words that Obama has used in his speeches and interviews throughout his career.

I won’t hold my breath Yawn

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