Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” Rally – A Report From the Trenches

A number of RAAI members attended the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday, 8/28/2010.  Our goal was to deliver you exactly what you have come to expect from us – the painstaking details that you will not read in any of the generalized media coverage.  Our reports come from the trenches.

What follows is a composite assessment of our reports, each one written from the perspective of the operative:

  1. RAAI Operative #1
    1. Observed only a single verifiable terrorist.  Thank God this enemy is so fanatical and idiotic.  They aren’t even measured and disciplined enough to observe Moscow Rules.  This particular sand-up-asser was wearing a white headband that looked normal to the untrained eye.  On closer inspection, noticing the black etchings, it was obvious that this was a keffiyeh.  Based on facial features, skin color, eyes, and clothing, I would say this one was a Turk.  Besides the superstitious ideologue’s inability to leave the keffiyeh at home, he also wore an orange ribbon around his ankle (indicating Palestinian opposition to the Israel Unilateral Disengagement Plan of 2004). 

      What was so funny was how he took measures to cover up his terrorist operations, by wearing the ribbon on his ankle instead of his wrist, and by wrapping his keffiyeh into a headband, trying to conceal as much of the black etchings as possible – but he couldn’t bring himself to just blend in and leave all that garbage home.  I wouldn’t have even noticed if it weren’t for his white headband.  Although I’m sure some lefties will assert that I am just another racist racial profiler, to which I say: find that brain that was sucked out of your head by the liberal media and I’ll help you put it back in.

      So at this point, you would think “well, could just be a fanatical anti-Semite, Israel hater, maybe not an operative”.  Until he opened his book bag.  I had positioned myself very close to him, moving my own video camera around to make it look like I was capturing the crowd.  Looked in his book bag, when he was rummaging in it, saw an Al Qaeda in Iraq logo.  This piece of crap terrorist was taking pictures with a very expensive camera.  I was hoping that it wasn’t part of an evolving operation.  Likely, he was just gathering intel to report to his cell on people, methods, concepts, and thoughts of their enemy.

    2. Tried to tail the terrorist and prepare for counter measures should a plot go operational.  Less interested in the presentation, which seemed to be very good, but as you would expect.
  2. RAAI Operative #2
    1. Can you believe how many people there were?  I estimate 70,000 – 115,000.  The metro was packed so much that only two people per door could cram in.  The doors could barely closed.  People were pouring off the platform all the way back up to the escalators, as crammed together on the platform waiting for a train as they would be during the entire train ride ON the train.  Why didn’t the WMATA increase the service schedule for this event?  They knew that it was estimated at 100,000 based on street closings and charter busses!!!  It’s like the liberal government wanted to make it as discouraging as possible.  Events like the 4th of July in DC are not even as big, and the WMATA increases service schedules for that smaller event.  Oh well, I guess it’s all they can do to make good Americans miserable without overtly using their power to crush our freedom of speech.  If you can keep 10% of the protestors from arriving with 3-hour delays, I guess you can at least harm the movement marginally.
    2. And good Americans they were!  This is the best that America has to offer in this crowd.  With over 100,000 people, you can’t believe how BORING the crowd was.  So orderly, so respectful, so good, so righteous.  No violence.  No hateful signs.  Not a misbehaved child in my sight, but lots of children and families.  When elderly and morbidly obese folks had some issues and needed to be evacuated, the crowd parted like Moses in the Red Sea.  They were picking up after themselves, respecting their neighbors…just unbelievable.  I can’t recall a liberal political rally I’ve ever seen with a fraction of this many people that was more righteous.  Democrats get a couple thousand people together and there’s hatred, violence, cop cars getting blown up, shops being vandalized, and all sorts of intolerance.  What did we see here?  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s own niece, Dr. Alveda King, supporting Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in the same spot that her uncle gave his famous speech 47 years ago to the day.
  3. RAAI Operative #3
    1. Can’t believe the Democrat “counter” protest.  It was so pathetic.  We arrived at 10:15, and there were only 5 Democrat supporters there, in MLK t-shirts.  Al Sharpton apparently walked from a high school to this spot on the mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol.  I was hoping there would be some controversy to capture.  Not a thing.  Such a well-behaved crowd, and perhaps the liberals were recovering from their Friday-night hangovers and binges to get their lazy welfare-having asses out of bed and stand up for their beliefs.  It was also a very hot day.  Maybe this minor discomfort also played a role in the de-motivation of the Democrat counter protestors.
    2. Content of the rally was spiritual, and traditional American values, self-reliance, real charity instead of socialism, etc.  They had a lot of support for the troops
    3. Sarah Palin was just amazing.  I never have been a big Palin fan, but she was really electric, when you actually listen to her speech from beginning to end, instead of in out-of-context 15-second news clips.
  4. RAAI Operative #4
    1. Holy crap!  What irony!  Part of the content was a beseeching of the government to allow kids to carry bibles and pray in school if they want to, since Democrat government has crushed those freedoms under their heels in the past decade.  The irony is that jackass Obama and his Democrat throngs have the utter gall to invoke “freedom of religion” in support of the Ground Zero mosque at the same time that they are solely responsible for crushing a basic religious right – to pray and profess faith wherever you want, however you want.
    2. How in the hell are the Democrat counter protestors claiming that the dozens of thousands of Glenn Beck supporters are racist?  Dr. Alveda King, MLK Jr.’s niece is up there on the stage speaking and supporting him!  What would MLK Jr. tell the Democrat race baiters and hatemongers?  To spit in the face of his own niece?

RAAI taskmaster:

What can be said about the entirely irrelevant and pathetic counter protest staged by Democrats and Al Sharpton?  Democrats claimed that Beck “hijacked” MLK Jr’s speech, even though MLK Jr.’s own niece was up there speaking and supporting Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  Sharpton says:

“His (MLK) speech says clearly that he wanted to see a nation where the federal government protects us from those in states who would not uphold our civil rights.  You can’t have a march telling government to leave us alone, and say you are reclaiming a march where they came to appeal to the government to protect us.  They are having an anti-government march on the day that King came to appeal to government.  You can’t have it both ways.”

As usual, anyone who supports the Democrat idiocy is simply guilty of not thinking hard enough. 

Firstly, Glenn Beck’s rally was not “anti-Government”.  The people there have a deeply profound love of their Country.  Their vision of governance is simply different than liberal Democrats and Mr. Al Sharpton’s vision.  On the y-axis of the political spectrum, they are more towards liberty (freedom) and farther from authoritarian (slavery) than Al Sharpton (ironic, being that Sharpton is a black man, for him to be closer to the authoritarian maximum). 

Secondly, it is not hypocritical or “having it both ways” to call for sustainable economic policy.  An appeal to greater freedom and free market federal government policy, does not mean at all that Glenn Beck’s movement wants to see the federal government reduce enforcement and civil rights prosecutions for provable discrimination.  It’s like Sharpton is asserting that Dr. Alveda King was asking to abolish the FBI.  Calling for more state freedoms on a single policy is not equivalent to calling for reduced federal authority on all policies.  Sorry Democrats, you lose yet another argument.  You have no truth.  You have no point.  You just have blind faith and ideological clouds covering up your neural functions.

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