NBCNEWS Says 300,000 Present for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

Ohhhhhhh!!!  Busted Machiavelli!  First of all, the permit acquired by Beck was for 300,000 people.  If NBCNEWS is estimating 300k, then your estimate of 70k to 115k is way off.  Better brush up those satellite image analysis skills, buddy.

No wonder the Democrat counter protest headed by Al Sharpton was pathetic.  If NBCNEWS is correct, the Democrats only mustered 0.17% the crowd, or in other words, Beck drew 99.83% of the entire turnout, 600x as many Beck supporters, or 1 Democrat race baiter for every 600 self-sufficient traditional American patriots.  To get an idea of that ratio, imagine that you are a single little child, standing in a high school gymnasium that is half-full with 600 adults.  You are the only little child in the crowd of adults towering over you.  Yes I choose those analogs on purpose Party

It will be interesting to see what the final calculation is by various statisticians.  Thanks to race baiting Democrats and the Million Man March in the 90s, we can never have the DC Park Authority give us their objective calculations of crowd size that they use for security and traffic purposes. 

We pay them our taxes to do it so they can do their job, but they’re not allowed to tell anyone or give official data thanks to hate-mongering Democrats pissed off that the government exposed Democrat lies about the “Million Man March”, which only had 400k people.  Yes, they threatened a law suit against the DC Park Authority, and yes, this is the reason why the DC Park Authority refuses to disclose official numbers to the public.

This is why on Wikipedia for the Obama inauguration, deceptive Democrats lie to you about the Washington Post claiming that “there were 1.8 million people” for Obama’s inauguration and that the DC Park Authority “did not deny this claim”.  Great example of how Democrats brainwash the masses.  Anyone who actually educated themselves with all of the facts would see the blatant disgusting lie outright.  The DC Park Authority IS NOT ALLOWED to “deny” such claims, so the assertion of the Washington Post and Wikipedia is a Red Herring propaganda tactic straight up.

Objective satellite analysis and expertise showed that Obama’s inauguration only had 800k people.  The professor responsible for this, the only scientific head count, was later pressured by media and government to at least admit that it could have been a little bit more.  So to protect his career, he capitulated and said “okay”.

This is how the “scientific” minds of leftists operate, who for the most part stay away from mathematics, physics, and engineering.  Ironic invocations to a body of knowledge they are ignorant of.  This is the result.

As it stands, the Glenn Beck, Dr. Alveda King, and Sarah Palin supporters made up one massive crowd for a non-inaugural rally!!!!!!

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