State Governments: F$@$ Military Suffrage – We’ve Got Some Facebook-ing To Do!

Anyone who’s done time in the government bureaucratic machine will know exactly what this is all about.

Basically, contrary to the grand mommy-government, fictitious Obama-dream, when you pay lawyers billions per year to write a bunch of crap down on paper (those things we call ‘regulations’), many times, it does not translate into actual implementation.  Impractical, pie-in-the-sky, fantasies, in many instances.

This is not the case though.  In this instance, regulations under the MOVE Act require states to send voting ballots to military personnel serving out of state at least 45 days prior to the election.  They are even allowed to e-mail the ballots to the soldiers.  Reasonable regulations, yes?  Not too pie-in-the-sky?

Well, those hard working, non-competing government employees even find this task to be too “hard”.  So they effectively denied soldiers their right to vote in the primaries for a few states.  But hey, when you’ve got a lot of web surfing and facebook-ing to do, and a competitor isn’t barking at your door to put you out of business, what do you care? 

Aren’t you glad to see your teachers, and government employees paid almost twice as much as their counterparts in private industry, so they can constantly fail?  Getting paid exorbitantly for mediocre results is such a great gig.  Where do you sign up, right?

This is why socialism always fails.  It nurtures the worst that humankind has to offer by removing consequence for sloth and inefficacy.  Equal outcome will always de-motivate the righteous and reward the wicked parasites for their apathy.

Of course for you conspiracy types out there, you may postulate that this denial of suffrage was a ploy by the Democrats in power to get their favored people past the primaries.

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