Yoko Ono, Post-Modernism, Liberals, Abstract Art, Ideological Subversion, and Socialism – Fear Not, a New Renaissance Awaits

Okay wise guys, very funny post on Yoko Ono: http://ascendingintellect.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F1A32E4E3219991B!502.entry

How about a little context though?  I mean, I find it as compelling as you do, but what about context?  Her performance and (useful) idiotic audience is truly a symbol of so many failures of the leftists.

The goal of Ideological Subversion in art was to kill talent, quite literally.  Do not make images that evoke strong emotions.  Do not make images that inspire men to strive hard, to push the limits of human possibility of expression, to compete with each other.  Make images that are so vapid and infantile, that it fills people’s heads with mediocrity, because socialism is the embracing of mediocrity and the denial of personal independence and struggling; supplanting the remittance of the self to the collective.

How does Yoko Ono comply with these socialist, communist goals with her performance?

Totally black clothes.  Yes.  Eliminate colors and vivid expressions of humanity.  No design. No color. No judgment. Just emptiness.

Zero talent.  Rather than composing and practicing a hard-to-acquire skill, she rants on like a purposeless raging lunatic.  Like the vapid art that surrounds her, splotches on canvas, claiming to be art, monochromatic visages forcing the viewer to provide their own meaning in the complete absence of creativity and talent on the part of the artist, so too, could Yoko Ono’s performance have been performed by an escapee from a mental institute. 

The mental patient throws a bucket of paint on a canvas in one motion.  Then proceeds to scream like a monkey at the crowd.  This is the summation of talent and humanity present in the “modern art” gallery, and Yoko Ono fits in perfectly.  Mental patients all.

How to describe Yoko Ono’s “piece”.  Well, start out with a raving lunatic, turn into a half-monkey woman, angry about having her banana stolen, become a little crying girl on a roller coaster for her first time, emulate a dying moose, turn into a gorilla in heat, have a feeble orgasm, become a looney toon character, and then sigh.

This is modern art.  And philosophy departments across the world have been infiltrated by Post-Modernists, to which I say: if everything is relative and there are no conclusions, then you’ve totally obsolesced yourselves; every assertion you make is truly futile. 

Truth does exist.  In nearly every shade of gray, there is a lighter and a darker choice.  Rather than abandoning the struggle, we used to embrace it and strive for a better outcome.  Now contrarianism and Post-Modernism rules, idiots all.  And you reap what you sow.  These idiots will never know truth, as much as the hordes of R&B-Pop-PopCountry-Rap-etc. fans will think that moany singing that sounds like the singer is trying to have sex while they sing is the best thing to touch their ears.

Ask them what the St. Matthew Passion is.  They have no clue.  Nor would they be able to fully appreciate it, if it graced their ears.

So what say you, Yoko Ono, liberals, and the liberal entertainment media brainwashing machine?  This is the state of our culture you have created. 

The only irony is that you claim to be “progressive”, indicating forward-thinking progress.  What a delusion and lie.  Your culture is the most regressive thing humans have seen since the Dark Ages.  You reduce singers to the expressions of glorified monkeys.  You reduce painters to the status of cave dwellers making cave paintings (probably worse).  You reduce fashion to the most inane thing seen since loin cloths.  You reduce music to meaningless, repetitive sounds, performed by machines instead of animated human hands.

Yoko Ono’s idiotic performance is such an iconic demonstration of all these realities we live with today.  The communists are reveling at their successful ideological subversion programs.  We’re now living in the crescendo of their own brainwashing masterpiece.  Last laugh will be on them though.  Humanity will find a new renaissance sooner or later.  Conservative-minded people will lead the way this time, as the disgusting becomes the norm, the conservatives of today become the liberals of tomorrow.  A 1940s-minded citizen will be the liberal of 2030.  They will create the new renaissance and wipe today’s Post-Modern liberal “progressive” culture of degradation, apathy, mediocrity, and vapidity off the face of the planet.  It simply is not compatible with true human nature, as much as the Dark Ages were not.  And so, the liberal culture cannot survive.

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