Social Retardation Complex – How Media in the West Controls your Life

Look up Yuri Bezmenov’s 1 hour interview from 1983 on YouTube.  Watch the entire thing.

Understand how your friends’ lives are entirely programmed by elite leftists who have had complete control over the entire media (video games, movies, TV broadcasts, news, journals, magazines, music) for almost 3 decades now.

Understand that they are useful idiots.  Understand that they did not even determine their own behaviors and choices on their own.  Understand they did not even determine their own value systems.

A recent discussion with a thoughtful friend.  They know nothing about intel and espionage.  They know nothing of the Culture War.  They know nothing of Socialism.  They know very little about history.  They are about as far left as you can get.  Yet, even in their state of total subservience, they identified a minor side effect of the Communists’ Ideological Subversion program, just from their life experience.  Of course, entirely ignorant, they could not relate it to the big picture – they simply lack the information in their head to make useful sense of it.  It was my duty to enlighten them.

So I say:

Social retardation complex, excellent.  I had a recent discussion with a good friend about this kind of thing.  Essentially, when the mind is consumed by mass media, the self is lost.  When you are surrounded by human beings who expose their brains to this contrived reality for a large proportion of their free time, things get even more interesting.  In effect, we can largely control entire behaviors and norms, and thus society as a whole using mass media as a brainwashing tool.  It is not only the individual who is consumed, but it becomes their entire neighborhood, and nearly everyone they interact with.

The community effect is a force multiplier (in terms of martial tactics).  It’s not simply the brainwashed individual, picking and choosing behavioral patterns they are programmed with from hundreds of hours of media consumption.  It’s also, their neighbor, their family, their friends, also executing programming patterns that they picked up from similar media brainwashing (whether it’s House’s character, Nip Tuck’s characters, or Simon Cowell’s way of looking at things).  The neighbor exhibits similar programmed behavioral patterns, judgments, and thoughts, which were planted in their head by the mass media.  This reinforcement is the most powerful aspect.  It is an exponential force multiplier.  The actual consumption of media is simply the introduction.  It is what the community does to reinforce the behaviors that truly solidifies the way of thinking in the individual’s mind.

This is how we heard and nudge the masses, controlling how they think, what they value, what they support, what they tune in to, what they tune out of, what they care about, what they don’t care about, and even how they view themselves, and the preferred trajectory they should put their life on.  Thus, we can even control an individual’s hopes and dreams.  Then, with government policy, we can control the end game as well, so that the individuals who persisted on the path we set their brain on, always arrive at a mostly predictable material end.  Obama’s healthcare policy.  Bush’s war policy.  Monetary policy.  Taxation.  Education policy.  Corporation policy.  Employment policy. 

The material result of the actions of the individual, combined with the brainwashing provides for an entirely predictable society, where we can control who does what, who arrives where, and the probability of people seeking and arriving at predetermined situations.  In effect, we can control exactly where people will go, and keep everyone where we would like them to be.  This, achieved by a combination of mass media brainwashing (to control the mind’s values, beliefs, motivations, social connections, and goals) and government policy (to control the means by which an individual must execute their goals and motivations, materially).

In different circles I traverse, the distinctions are profound.  A circle in which the people can quote the latest TV shows, music, video games, magazines, or pop periodicals, their conversations, behaviors, and exchanges are almost entirely contrived by the minds behind the media, and not the individual.  Then the individuals who regurgitate these thoughts at each other, simply use them as springboards to stake their claims and gratify superficial desires.

On the contrary, social groups I enjoin where people spend very little time on popular mass media, preferring activities, reading, classics, and deep interactions, are almost always more deliberate, confident, satisfied, and grounded.

In my experience, a counter-intuitive assessment of what "social retardation complex" may be.  On the one hand, you have socially awkward people making themselves silly and bizarre or “boring” in “typical” socializing activities.  On the other hand, you have a mass-media-brainwashed "slick" guy who seems to be very popular and "wise" to the culture.  Only, take a peak under the surface, it is all contrived – because in fact, the anticipated social connections are contrived in and of themselves. 

So is it true that the “socially awkward” fellow who is not wise to the culture is simply not brainwashed enough?  They truly may be better socialites, made for rewarding social connections, and not privy to the contrived social connections that are programmed by modern mass media.  In this scenario, the “popular”, “fun-boy”, “cool-guy” is actually the one who suffers from “social retardation complex”.  The reality is that the majority of bar hoppers, party goers, club slugs, and “fun people” are actually ALL socially retarded.  They will follow up their unrewarding social activities with inane conversations about people behind their backs.  How good did they look?  How sexy are they?  How rich are they?  How funny are they?  How weird are they?  What about their family?  Their girlfriend?  Their job?  Their status?  Their titles?  How stimulation-worthy were they?  Make your judgment. Measure up the potential of all the social retards including yourself – measure their potential for stimulation.

The measurements of value in companionship are wholly based on taking a constant pulse of how "stimulated" you currently feel by this individual.  Then you are taught to judge that individual by how effective they are at stimulating you – whether it be by physical beauty, comedy, access to money and power, or ability to prop your own ego up. 

As everything else, such shallow measurements leave the individual in a state of perpetual seeking, perfect for being controlled by large organizations, which feed the evolving suggestions through mass media and government policy.

The success of Ideological Subversion is truly bewildering, is it not?

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