Obama Violates 2nd Amendment Rights – Castrates Himself by Downgrading His Authority to His State Department Subordinates

Honestly, I don’t really feel strongly about the actual topic.  Antique guns, especially ones that were given to South Korea, only to be sold back to Americans, so they can suck more money out of our economy doesn’t really seem like a great prospect to me.  What a great deal huh?  Use the wealth of the US Government to spoon feed you what you need to defend yourself, then get rich selling the weapons back to your benefactor’s citizens.  Like little children, these foreign spoiled brats suck up the charity of the US taxpayer.  I would ask the South Koreans if they’d like a nipple with each gun sale.  I’d like to see another country let its citizens buy back millions in gifts that it gave to the USA years ago.  Wait a second, other countries don’t do shit for the USA in comparison.  Oh well, we can imagine, can’t we?

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What I think is fascinating about this story is the conclusion of Obama’s SUBORDINATES.  Remember, Obama has ZERO legal basis regarding the technical specifications of the weapons to forbid this sale.  But Democrats and Obama issue statements implying that the gun spec is their motivation for the ban.  When questioned about the constitutionality of this illegal action by the Liar-in-Chief, Obama points to the Pentagon, then the Pentagon points to Hilary Clinton’s State Department.  It’s there that we find they are using a legal loophole which gives Hilary Clinton the ability to block the sale:

“According to the ATF Guidebook on Firearms Importation, it would normally be legal to import the M1s because they are more than 50 years old, meaning they qualify as "curios or relics." But because the guns were given to South Korea by the U.S. government, they fall under a special category that requires permission from the State Department before any sale.”

In other words, the only thing blocking the sale is Hilary Clinton.  And Hilary Clinton is Obama’s subordinate, meaning that if he wanted to uphold the constitution, he could kick her ass and make her do the right thing.  But as Obama has already said, he is behind banning it anyway.  Typical, to deflect responsibility to your subordinate, when the real authority and power rests with you.  Typical of narcissistic leaders who have no honor, that is.

But the merry-go-round of Homer Simpson dummies, pointing fingers at everyone but themselves gets even better.  When asked to justify Hilary Clinton’s authoritarian blocking, Hilary points her finger to ATF, then the ATF filibusters for 2 days, then points their finger at the DoJ, then the DoJ points back to Hilary Clinton:

“Asked why the M1s pose a threat, the State Department spokesman referred questions to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ATF representatives said they would look into the question Monday afternoon, but on Wednesday they referred questions to the Justice Department. DOJ spokesman Dean Boyd referred questions back to the State Department.”

I’m pointing at Obama.  His State Department subordinate (Hilary Clinton) is using a legal loophole to unconstitutionally ban this sale.  That is the truth and the heart of the matter.  Obama could easily tell his subordinate to do the right thing, legally.  He does not want to.  I would prefer that they stop wasting our tax money, forcing overpaid government administrators to point fingers at each other like bumbling idiots, and just be honest for once.

Hilary Clinton should just come out and say: “Look, Obama does not want this sale to go through because he doesn’t like guns.  I am with him on it.  While the technical specifications and antique status make these guns legitimate for sale, I am using a loophole which gives me legal authority to ban this sale because they were gifts from the US Government.  Deal with it.  We have power and legal authority to do this based on the loophole.”

End the charade.  People who agree with you will adore you for it, and people who disagree will know where you stand.  A bunch of deceptive crooks with power, hiding behind rank, is what you are acting like now.

Now, my proposed statement would be transparent.  Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Clinton, Democrats calling for transparency?  I think not.  Same old games, same old tactics.  No change.  No hope.

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