“International in-migration magnet” Washington DC Officially: Worst Drivers in the US

AllState’s “worst driver” report which measures likelihood of being involved in an accident just issued their report on the worst drivers in the country.

That’s right folks, most dangerous driving in the ultra-diverse Washington DC metropolis where Whites are statistically a minority in 2010, and international immigrants reign supreme, flocking here with money from around the world to lobby, corrupt, co-opt, and transform the American government to their better liking. 

Yes, as a matter of fact, the way people drive and treat each other on the road is indeed a manifestation of their value systems and morals at work – in this case, as if they own the road and answer to no one but themselves.  Use the excuse of congestion?  Sorry.  Other cities have worse congestion, and more people.  Observable statistical difference?  Cultural demographics.  Period.

Sentiment?  “Hooray for me and the hell with you”, a popular sentiment of foreigners, in all but a few Asian cultures.  But are all American Whites immune to this culture of corruption?  No way.  The arrogant, isolationist, and ethnocentric foreign narcissism mixes well with the yuppie, rich, narcissistic White culture of Washington DC, which gets its corruption not from traditional Western sentiments of Christian grace and mercy, but from a perversion of power and culture that comes from generational money.

Overall, who is surprised that the DC metropolitan area and its sister metropolitan areas Baltimore, Alexandria, and Arlington are all leading the way as the most dangerous places to drive, surpassing other metropolitan areas by far, even with much fewer people?  A trend and pattern?  Yes.  The morals of people in this area are in the toilet.

Moral of the story?  EU, Asian, Middle Eastern, and other ethnocentric immigrants who hide behind untouchable (non)minority status (being that whites are now a minority in DC), saying stereotypical things like “Americans don’t know how to drive, look at how amazing people drive overseas”.

Well, we’ve got your “international” hero drivers all piled up on top of each other and centralized in the Washington DC area, and they are the worst drivers in the entire country.  They suck.  Your anti-American stereotypes are wrong.  Let me shove them back in your face with statistics that prove the opposite: your immigrant drivers are the worst.

So these new statistics prove anti-American stereotypes wrong, and prove our common sense and observations correct.  Humanism, hedonism, and narcissism will produce one outcome, while true Christian grace and mercy will produce the opposite.  Glenn Beck’s peaceful “Restoring Honor” rally, versus the G20 leftist hedonic rallies of destruction.  Virtuous “Restoring Honor” versus Democrat Al Sharpton’s self-victimizing hatred and envy.  The clash of cultures is everywhere today, even on the roads.

Buckle up, lock and load.

Download the report

Read the story

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