US Church Plans a Koran-Burning on 9/11 – Iran Plans a “Murder All Americans and Jews” Rally Multiple Times Per Year. Differences?

This is such a messed up world.  A single, stupid, unchristian, corrupt, charismatic church comes out with a hateful activity of burning holy books, and what do we get?  Massive march on the US Embassy in Indonesia.  Yes foreign Muslims are taking this single isolated church of idiots THAT seriously.

What else do we get?  Perpetuation of the story and condemnation from the following:

  • the Anti-Defamation League[21][22]
  • Al-Azhar University[23]
  • the National Association of Evangelicals
  • the head of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (who deemed the Quran burning proposal a "Zionist" insult)[24].
  • Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community[25]
  • the International Humanist and Ethical Union[26]
  • the Organization of the Islamic Conference[27]
  • Irony?  I seem to recall countless Islamic rallies across the world, even led by state officials, where, dozens of thousands of bigoted and hateful Muslims chant “Death to America, Death to Christians, Death to Jews, Death to Israel”.  Now, I’m a little slow on some things, but if they were burning bibles, I think it wouldn’t be as bad as beseeching Allah to murder every single American, Christian, and Jew.

    Oh, and by the way, let’s ignore the actual violence overseas where Christians have been recently burned alive in their churches, tortured, and murdered by bigoted Muslims coming from (sic) analogously small Mosques across the Muslim world.  But you won’t see that as a headline.  You won’t see thousands of Americans marching on the Indonesian Embassy for these hate crimes against Christians, Jews, and Americans, half way around the world, which are ten times worse than Koran-burning.

    So that is your difference.  Some isolated folks in the West who are bigoted against Muslims do something dumb, and Muslims halfway across the world are crying bloody murder, and organizations everywhere pounce on them.  By contrast, anti-Christian Muslim bigots participate in hate crimes, murder, torture, and discrimination across the world on a daily basis and you hear…crickets chirping in the West.

    Those more important news reports are relegated to international media outlets, and underground Global War on Terror watchdogs.

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