Russian Spy, Who Exposed KGB Murder of Hundreds of Children, Found Murdered in Turkey

And how is this relevant to the US?  I see many applications.  First, let’s correct the headline.  I only use “KGB” because most folks have no clue what the GRU is, or details on the subsequent reorganization of Communist intelligence.  The current Russian CIA analog is the GRU.

The murdered top brass spy said that Putin gave the order to fire RPGs into a school filled with children to start the massacre.  Putin’s official story was that the Chechen rebels started it.

What is an American analog?  The 911 Truther movement – a group of useful idiots who spit in the face of all independent engineering organizations who have debunked every single one of their ignorant claims that they use to support their strong held faith that the US government is responsible for 911.

Although not a single piece of valid evidence was ever presented, and any pseudo-scientific “evidence” was entirely debunked by engineers, Obama has people in his administration who subscribed the the ignorant slandering of their own country (Van Jones for one).

Imagine for a moment that a top brass CIA operative came out and said that Bush plotted 911 and the people involved were actually agents (not to be confused with special agents or operatives).  Imagine the fall out?

The bottom line is that the USA is not perfect, but is still the best, most moral, and most compassionate and benevolent Country of its power and size in all of history.  Compare any nation in history on the level of power and control that the US has enjoyed, and see how they operate.  The British Empire?  Although it’s hard to criticize them now without falling victim to Presentism, but even for the standards of their day, were they as just and fair as the USA is today?

By contrast, empires built on Atheism, humanism, and service to the Earth, service to raw physical materials is a false empire.  They will use “ends justify the means” operations without question, in everything.  It’s not fair to claim Islamic Fundamentalism fits this bill, and it’s dangerous to do so, because we then risk misunderstanding, and thus reacting ignorantly to events.  Islamic Fundamentalism is based on Legalism like Judaism.  Different set of laws, but Muhammad brought a return to Babylonian Legalism guiding theology.  It is tit-for-tat, eye for an eye, “justice” based reasoning – although their ideas of jurisprudence are wildly different than what we know in the West – and there is the conflict.

But the Atheist Communists and Pagan Environmentalists offer another evil.  This is the foundation of Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and the rest.  They will “break some eggs to make an omelet”.  They will justify the means with the ends.

And this is Putin.  This is Russia.  This is the GRU.  It’s not that Machiavelli’s critical political wisdom is lost on the west – God knows – we have been put in the position to exercise aberrant evil to avoid greater evil.  The difference is that our Christian principles give us pause to temper that action with morals and principles – before we put ourselves in the shoes of God and exercise an “ends justify the means” operation.  We certainly do not want to go back to the Feudal days in Machiavelli’s time where Lords actually violated chivalry and all of these noble codes while simultaneously speaking glimmering volumes of their grace and godliness (a state of constant hypocrisy).

So Russia actually should have a valid 911 Truther movement targeted towards Putin and their evil, humanist, communist empire.  But they are placated and docile, as a century of socialism has removed their convictions and sensibilities.  Russia is willing to instigate terrorist massacres in order to service their objectives.  This is just baked into their history, and Atheist, post-modern, humanist value system.  What is scary is that the Democrats in this Country are in part philosophically aligned with this terrible ideology.  Listen to the words of Obama’s czars.  They support this “ends justify the means”, “override overwhelming popular opinion”, “Americans are idiots, just drag them to it” (Bill Maher), “go against the will of the people” sentiment.  They did so with Healthcare, they did so with Gitmo, they did so with The Ground Zero Mosque, they did so with the economic policies and bailouts, they did so with using new borrowing for the extended Unemployment Benefits instead of using unallocated stimulus money.  Obama even has top puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scenes like Holdren and Sunstein who have supported horrible positions like putting sterilizing chemicals in the public’s drinking water so that they can’t have babies.  All in the name of Agenda 21 and the Earth Charter which seeks to depopulate the Earth.

So the Russian communists get away with slaughtering children to achieve a political crack down on encroaching religious movements in their pristine Atheist landscape, they murder the whistle-blower in Turkey, and not a single leftist international watchdog who claims to care about such tyranny so much as bats an eyelid.

Instead, in the USA, useful idiots on the left create widespread movements of deception which have no basis in reality and turn its own people against each other.  This faction-based, faith-based, culture-based, demographic-based infighting is exactly what destroyed the Roman Empire from within. 

In Russia, the non-existent dissent would have a basis in reality.  In the USA, the dissent is fabricated by international ideological subversion and espionage, and the useful idiots play along.

Time to wise up and speak the truth.

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