A Great Humbling of Anti-American Immigrants in our Midst

Recent discussion with some very well educated local Muslims.

They were insulting Americans and the West.  Saying how stupid we are in general.  They were pointing to the Nigerian bank scams and people who fall for giving their information out through email.  Just remember: we ought not to view this as bigotry against Americans and Westerners, simply because Muslims are minorities.  They have earned protected victim status by birthright! Silly

They addressed me: “Why do your countrymen fall for these scams?  How could they possibly do this?”

Ignoring the obvious reply of ‘I thought you are supposed to be my countrymen too’, my actual response:

“Because all Americans are stupid.”

The Muslims laugh.

“And maybe a little bit too trusting, because our culture is a guilt-based culture and not shame-based like the east.”

They giggle.  I continue:

“But you know, such stupidity is not reserved for Americans.  In fact, the true answer to your question might not at all have to do with intellectual capacity.”

Their looks harden a bit.  I continue:

“I had a friend who was fighting in Afghanistan.  The murderous insurgents were killing people in a key village, supplying weapons and arms across a single bridge. 

They would hide the arms in normal-looking cargo.  He was assigned with another troop to inspect the cargo.  They were to make it look as if they were inspecting the cargo, when they could not realistically do this to every vehicle. 

So they were ordered to take their GPS devices which made beeps when buttons were pressed, and wave them around the vehicle, making them beep as they waved them.  Although this was truly doing absolutely nothing, the jihadists were fooled.  They thought that the Americans had a magic bomb and gun detecting device when it was just a GPS.  The arms stopped flowing in.”

They were pretty calmed down now.  I continued:

“In another instance, they came across Afghanis who believed that the Americans had a ‘demon truck’ that could eat up their vehicles, turn them into ammo, and fire the ‘digested vehicles’ for over a mile.  Now, because you laughed at Americans, and think that we’re stupid, I have a question to you: are Middle Easterners stupid, and do you laugh at them in turn?  Of course not. 

The truth is that people are easily deceived when they are dealing with unfamiliar territory – whether it’s computers, war machines, healthcare financing, or the economy.  As a Christian I reserve my indignation for the deceiving predators, not the disadvantaged prey. 

In America, the elderly fall for ‘Nigerian bank scams’, in the Middle East, they fall for ‘demon trucks’.  So I find this commonality amongst diverse men.”

They looked embarrassed, but I feel that I gained their respect, and that they might not be so quick to slander Americans in the future.

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